Thursday, September 1, 2011

I accomplished a lot today.  But no quilting.  :(   Maybe tomorrow I'll finally be able to put a couple of hours into quilting! 
Today I sewed collars.  I have some pictures.  Normally when I am making collars and such, I have a rhythm to it, sew, attach tag, wrap and put into box, finish order and put thank you into box and seal and label.... ready for shipping label to be applied in evening.  So today for a few of the collars, when I remembered, (someone asked me to post some of my collars) I sewed, took picture, attached tag, wrapped, put into box and seal and label. 
So here's a few of the collars I made today.  Several of these are going to Australia, one to Michigan, and one to Colorado.  I have about 6 more that I didn't get pictures of, sorry about that.

I love this trim.  I have it in several colors, it just makes up so nicely.  This is a collar for a female... obviously.  :)   This is a martingale.

Another girlie collar.  I have this in several colors as well, this is the most dainty of the 3 or 4 colors I have!   This is a martingale collar.

I love this too, and I have this in 2 or 3 colors as well.  Girly.   Another martingale collar.

And yeah, I guess this is girly too!  Really nice trim and I too have this in more than one color!  Martingale.

Ah ha, a gender neutral collar!  This is a nice trim, it too comes in several colors.  I guess there really aren't many strictly "boy" trims, more that there are blue trims and trims without pink or flowers on them!   Martingale.

I got up early this morning again.  I work up and it was light out, and I didn't hear my bird ChiChi eating.  Usually I hear him happily munching away.  Chi is not a young bird, was supposed to be 15 or so when I got him, he's a Sun Conure.  So, anyhow, I woke up and didn't hear a thing, the house was very quiet.  So I got out of bed and thankfully as I was walking to his cage, I heard him moving around.  Guess he just slept in a bit today too.  I call him a he because when I got him, the people told me he was a boy.  Well, he's really a she because a few months back "he" laid an egg!  Anyhow, I want her to be healthy and happy for a lot longer, I've grown accustom to her screaming every morning and the house would be naked without it.  And she says (constantly when I'm in the room) ChiChi's good bird  ChiChi's good bird.    :)

And Sugar, my greyhound, for the first time in all the 9 years I've had her, jumped up on the bed with me last night for about 20 minutes and cuddled while I was reading.  She has NEVER ever done that before.  Wonders never cease in this house!  :)

Today's movies were:
1. Hope Floats   -  I really enjoyed this movie.  Very sweet and the young girl who played the main characters daughter did a REALLY excellent job!  Wow, she was a very convincing little girl whose heart was broken.

2. Burlesque - I love this movie, Cher is ageless and timeless (and probably sent her plastic surgeons child through college and med school!) and it's such a great movie! Christina Aguilera really lets us hear her voice, wow, it's so powerful!  Anyhow, one of my favorite ones!

3. Watched some Soprano episodes.  Love that show!

Ok, that's about it for today.   Quilt happy and have a great evening and grand tomorrow!
God Bless,   Anne

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