Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun day, quilted ALLLL day!

I have my teal solids quilt all ready for the long arm quilter!  I got another row put on so it's about 8" longer, and then I got a 2" border and a 5.5" border put on.  Well, gee, I took some pictures, so have a look see!  It's WAY too big to put on my wall, and so I just took some pics of the corners of the quilt where you can really see how the borders look.   (I just realized that I think I've been spelling borders wrong when using the word as in borders on a quilt!  I've been putting the silly quilt on a ship by using boarders!  Good night, I sure wish I was a better speeler... opps, I meant speller!!!)

Not really a corner I guess, mid way up the side of the quilt.

A corner ----->

 Actually, this one to the left is a pic of the borders more in the center of the quilt.

If you look real hard at the picture to the right -------------->
You can see in the very little bitty corner where there are several different fabric colors sewn in there! 

I love these blocks, and this quilt is so cool, I cannot wait until it's quilted!

And yet, another corner!  ;)

Ok, not sure what I'm going to do this evening, probably practice the new music for the new Mass.   I need lots and lots of practice!!! 

Have a great evening, and God bless!    Anne


Anonymous said...

very nice quilt! i love the colors<3

Anne said...

Those are some of my very very favorite colors! I LOVE shades of teal!