Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilt day! Yippeeeee!

Well, got one thing accomplished.  I got this quilt top done.  This is not a great picture and I haven't ironed it yet, but it's together.  It's hanging crooked too!  But I like it.  :)

It's really purple.  And I used to love purple, I'm not all that crazy about it anymore.  but it was EASY and fun to put together!

More in a bit!


Anonymous said...

very cute I loved it<3 nice purple!

Anne said...

It turned out pretty well, I'm pleased with it. I think I will put some borders on it and send it off to a friend in Texas to quilt and then donate it to someone who's home in Texas was burned by the fires that are burning there. Thanks for the compliments!