Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hum.... interesting dilemma!

Back right before I started keeping up with my blog... on May 15th of this year, my standard poodle Magick died.  He was just shy of 12 years old.  He got up that morning and was wobbly.  He didn't go potty.  And within 15 minutes he died.  Totally unexpected and devastating to me. If my veterinarian lived next door to me I wouldn't have had time to get him to the vet before he died.  Magick was my buddy.  He slept on my bed at the foot.  He was constant, he was good, he was my boy.  I got Magick when he was a puppy, he flew from his breeders home in Las Vegas to my home in Cincinnati, Ohio and handled that with ease.   I'll never forget picking him up at the airport, he was just soooo confident when he stepped out of the crate, like "Hey, hi, I'm here, what's up?"  I miss him terribly.  Magick and I used to walk together, he could easily go 5 miles and loved being with me.
So a friend in another city knows of a young (about 2 years old) standard poodle who needs to be rehomed.  I have a phone number to call this person.  I'm scared to death and excited at the same time.
You might ask why on earth I would want another dog since I have 2 greyhounds.  Well, honestly, I'm very happy with 2 dogs.  It's a good number.  But both of my greyhounds have huge issues... Sug is a spook and cannot live without another dog to give her confidence.  If Lulu would die and leave Sug alone, it could be horrible for both of us and I'd have to run out and adopt another dog quickly without being able to search and think about it.   If Sug would pass, Lulu has terrible separation anxiety and cannot be alone, I don't know what she'd do alone, again, I would have to go out and adopt a friend for her without doing a lot of thinking about it.  Not a good situation.   So, do you see where I'm at?  Both my greyhounds are at the age where they could leave me, I don't expect them to do so, but it could happen.   The most warning I had was with Phantom and Cali, Phantom has osteo and we have a month after he started limping and I knew for months that Cali was getting to old to continue.   So anyhow, that's my dilemma.  I'm going to call the folks and talk to them, and then pray pray pray about it.
For today, here's some pics of my Magick!

Young, very young here!

Just a pup!

Magick and Cali sleeping together here in Arizona!
Magick and Lulu snoozing together!

When he was a pup and he got hungry, he would take his bowl and get
on top of the couch so I could easily see that he was hungry!!!

 Painting of Magick's eye by Sandra Spencer
Painting of Magick by Sandra Spencer

Ok, I must feed Lulu and Sugar, they think they are being starved!  After I feed them, I'm going to make the phone call!!!  Wish me luck.   

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