Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordy Wednesday...

I know that some bloggers do Wordless Wednesdays, but alas, I cannot!   And those who know me won't be surprised at all I'm sure.  :)

I've been sewing like a mad woman most of the week.  Except for yesterday.  I had bible/book study last night and spent a good portion of the day reading that and doing the questions that go along with it.  I think I mentioned that we are reading the book by the Pope, Jesus of Nazareth, and it's REALLY good.  And very thought provoking.  Believe it or not though, I'm not the person who gives the longest answers or most detailed answers and I'm just a tad intimidated by those who do, so I tend to keep fairly quiet.  :)  But I wouldn't miss it for anything.  One of the gals is going on vacation, and then someone else is going to China, and so we are putting it on hold until October, and I'm really going to miss it for the next 2 months.  :(

I have been sewing collars and harnesses this week and I actually managed to take some pictures today.  I've meant to do so before, but I forget. 
While I was sewing today I watched 3 movies!  First, Take the Lead... WONDERFUL movie, love it!  Antonio Banderas is such a hunk!  Then I watched No Country for Old Men.  Javier Bardem is such a hunk and in this movie he truly looks like a crazy man! I really enjoy this movie as well!  Then lastly I watched The Notebook.  Another fantabulous movie!  I love this one as well.  At least I didn't watch Blind Side today, I usually watch that one at least once a week.  Anyone got some good movie recommendations?  From Netflix, I watched Shall We Dance and While You Were Sleeping last week.  Both good, but not fabulous.  :)

Here's some pics of my front sewing room and a couple of the collars I was working on.  I forgot to get pics of the harnesses I made...  duh!  :)

  This is for a really special customer of mine, he greyhound is black and he will look fabulous in this collar!

I have a little bit of thread, too many colors, and there are more collars that don't fit on the thread rack, they are in a drawer!

I just got some new Halloween trim in, I was anxious to see how it looked, so I made a collar for a gift for a friend!  

This is my trusty TV and DVD player and you can see the stack of movies next to it.  No Country for Old Men is playing!
 Mary keeps watch over me whilst I sew.  I love my little statue of her, I got it at San Xavier Mission in Tucson last summer when a bunch of  us went there to mass.  A beautiful church, very very old.  Fransican Friars, and since my priests back in Ohio were Fransiscan, I do enjoy seeing them and hearing them say mass.

This is a black 1.5" Tuxedo collar for one of my clients.  For the boys we just put some sparkle on the tab of the collar, not so much sparkle as the girls get, but very dignified!  

This is just a small portion of the drawers I have filled with trims!  I counted my drawers today and I have 40 sets of drawers.  Some of them are stacked 3 high.  And then there are the containers with fabric in them.  Yikes!

How cute and summery and breezy is this?  I love the polka dots, one of my clients greyhounds is going to look fantabulous in this one!

Well, that's the front room tour!  Like I said, I forgot to take pics of the harnesses I made.  Now I have to print postage and get a pick up scheduled.  Life is good when I stay busy sewing! 

Have a great "hump" day, sew happy and God Bless.  Anne

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