Sunday, July 31, 2011


Interesting day, started off nice and cool, by mid afternoon it was 110 degrees on my deck.  By 5pm is was thundering and by 9pm we had a nice pond in the back yard (yippee, means we got a lot of rain!!!) and the temp out was a nice 66 degrees.  Very nice day, the humidity was fairly low most of the day until it rained!
I have been drinking a lot of iced coffee.  It took me a little bit to get the "recipe" down pat, but I think I've got it!  I use regular coffee and put in 2X the amount of grounds as I would for hot coffee.  I make my strong coffee.  I take my glass and put about 3 teaspoons of hot water in the bottom, then I get the coffee mate non dairy creamer and put in 5 teaspoons full (total of 50 calories) and 5 packets of splenda (about 16 calories) and then toss in a 'glub' of Mexican Vanilla.  I stir this up good, then add lots of ice.  And lastly I pour hot coffee over the ice and stir.... YUMMY!  Real Mexican Vanilla is pretty strong and makes it taste WONDERFUL!  I have also used the calorie free coffee flavors too with good results.  I drink 2 of these most days, love them.  :)
I'm going to have to run down to Agua Prieta and grab some more vanilla, it's cheaper down there than here and oh sooooo good!

I had a lot of regular sewing to do today, so only got a little bit of quilting done today.  I got a little done yesterday too, so  I'll show you the new blocks I've done!

This one is made from the scraps from my very favorite all time quilt that so many people said looked like the ocean!  

This is from a bargello I made, I think my second one.  I did all the quilting on the original bargello by hand.  I gave it away as a gift, but it found its way back home to me, guess it wasn't much appreciated!

This was from a bargello.  I bought this one as a kit, and I can't remember what it was called, but it's no longer out there anywhere.  My Mennonite quilting teacher helped me with this one, and a bunch of the girls in the class got the pattern and made one similar, just with different colors.  I was pleased with it and it was fun to quilt!

I got the urge to use my bargello scraps to make a log cabin block, the same fabrics as the one above.  Makes a neat looking scrappy kind of block.  :)   It was fun to make and see how it would come out in the end.   When you are up close to it, it's obvious a log cabin, but in this photo it's kind of hard to tell maybe!  :) 

This is from a quilt I made in my Bargello Seasons class at Quilt University.  It was my winter quilt.  I think these colors are perfect winter colors!!  That quilt was a lot of fun to make!

These are a lot of fun to make, and very interesting.  I can't wait to see what they look like once I put some sashing in and put them together!  :)

Have a GREAT week, quilt happy and God Bless,

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