Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy Thursday....

I cannot wait for the weekend!  I just got done printing postage and scheduling a pick up for tomorrow.  The USPS has new software and it's a NIGHTMARE!  It now takes me about 10 minutes to do a 1-2 minute job.  ARGH!!!  Ok, so I sent the USPS a really nice email and told them it was great torture, but I am not sure I deserve such torture.  *sigh*
Today was another collar sewing and harness sewing kind of day.  Spent about 8 hours in the front sewing room.  Watched Harry Potter.  I thought I'd work my way through them all and maybe the last one will be out soon.  I can't wait to see it.
But I am very grateful to be busy doing working kind of sewing!  God is good, that's the one thing I know without a doubt.  :) 

Sugar spent the day in my bedroom closet.  Well, she's actually pretty much spent the last month in there, coming out occasionally to eat or to run through the house trying to get away from thunder.  I will be very very happy when the monsoons are over, just for this reason  Why can't we have rain without noise? 

I have been having delightful salads for lunches lately.  I have learned that store bought salad dressing is not really very good.  I have been using a drizzle of EVOO or Coconut oil (unrefined) and then balsamic vinegar with a packet or two of slpenda mixed into the vinegar.  Yummmmmmmyyyyyy.  Tastes so expensive and fresh.  Ok, so it took me 40 years to figure that one out.  :)

I just finished the book Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen.  I also saw the movie.  The book was much better.  Now I'm reading something by Maeve Binchy, Heart and Soul.  It promises to be really good, it's about a doctor setting up a heart clinic.  I've read several other of Maeve Binchy's books, and they are always well written and very interesting and hard to put down.  :)

The other night at bible study I borrowed a pen from Sandy.  I LOVED that pen and had to give it back to her.  She had no idea where she got it.  Well, when I find a good pen that writes well, I look high and low for them.  And I FOUND these at Office Depot and ordered a dozen in black and a dozen in blue!  LOVE these things.  I have been a pen "freak" for years, probably because of being a nurse and all that writing and charting we have to do!  Anyhow, here's my new pens!

They are made by Foray and the pen tip is 0.7, very fine!  I LOVE these!
 They write so well.  Gosh, you'd think I was getting something really special today when the UPS gal pulled up!  I was excited.  hehehehe new pens are always a good thing!

And a few more pics from today's sewing!

Miss Lulu was doing quality control today!  Usually both dogs are with me, but alas, Sug was in my closet!  The dogs are ONLY allowed in my sewing room if I'm in there sewing.  Otherwise they are gated out.  And you know dogs, if they are kept out, they want in, so it's a real treat for them to spend the day in there with me!

One of my wonderful customers ordered 5 of the same collar for her whippets!  I am almost done with them, I think this gal has very good taste and her whippets are going to look very snazzy in their new collars!  :) 
 This is a blue trim from Russia.   A gal visited Russia in the 80's and brought home a ton of trim with her.  I was lucky enough to purchase this (and many more) trim from her in the mid 90's.  It's so pretty, but so different from what we are used to here.  Granted, very few trims are actually made in the USA, but the ones from France, China and the Phillipines tend to be held to different standards.  The Russian trims are beautiful, but not nearly as glittery or with sophisticated  colors are what we are used to here. None of the ones I bought have any metallic threads in them at all.  But they are quite pretty.  And they are made fairly well.  I do
see some breaks or weaving errors in them, and more
 often than I do see in trims from other places. 
And of course, french trims are generally exquisitely beautiful.  
Here's the green trim that matches the blue.  These two collars are going to go to Australia. 
I had an interesting phone call a couple of years ago from a costume designer from Hollywood who wanted to buy all my trims!  I turned her down.  I did offer for her to buy a couple of yards of each trim, but that wasn't enough.  I don't think many people have Russian trims outside of Russia!

This is one of my most popular trims through the years!  Many greyhounds wear this trim, guess that they are so fast that they are burning up the roads!  :) 

I made 4 black harnesses today.  I try to send my products in a nice way, but gotta tell you that these things are very difficult to "wrap" up nicely!!! 

One purple harness!  Lots of repetition work today, thankfully I got a some purple in!

And one last picture of my Lulu doing her quality control job!  :)  I can never catch her sleeping, her eyes are always open when I take a picture. 

Ok, that's how my day went.  I did actually turn my quilting machine on for a few hot minutes!  Made 2 mug rugs, but haven't got them bound yet!  Was going to watch a movie on Amazon tonight, but couldn't find one I wanted to see.  Oh well.  :)
Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!  Sew Happy and God bless.   Anne


Anonymous said...

It did not occur to me I could contact the post office--thanks! I can't even schedule a pickup and am having to go to the post office in person--aargh! So I sent them an email.

If it's not broke, don't fix it, you know?

Also, there's got to be a cute painting somewhere in there with the dogs and all the colorful thread.

Anne said...

I got a message back from the post office saying that they are aware of the problems. I tried to make my comments as "non-threatening" as possible so that they would actually try to fix it vs. hating me!
Paint the picture of the dogs and the thread, you can use that picture! :) I love your paintings!