Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today has been a quiet day

I woke up in the middle of the night shivering like crazy and had to get a blanket to cover myself with.  I must of gotten some kind of bug because I felt like I'd been run over by a mack truck and then it backed up and ran over me again.   When I got up this morning, my muscles hurt and my head hurt.  I let the dogs out and then went back to bed for a bit after the dogs ate. 
But I'm feeling better now, not great, but better.
Last Thursday a friend and I went to see Harry Potter.  We saw a 3D version which was pretty cool.  It was good, and I liked the way it ended.   But honestly, I'm glad it's over now.  It's gone on for a long time.  I'll buy the last movie and then once a year watch em all in a row!  :)
Linda and I had teriyaki chicken for lunch, it was yummy.   We went to Sierra Vista and it was a nice trip.  We stopped on the way home and grabbed a coffee at Micky D's.  Linda gave me some tomatoes out of her garden, and I ate all the little cherry tomatoes on the way home, they tasted very sweet and good.

I bought some new sunglasses whilst we were at the mall in Sierra Vista.  I have been wearing some green 7's from Oakley for about the last 14 years!  I got 2 new pair, a pair of Oakley's and a pair of Maui Jim's. 

These are the two pairs of green Oakley 7's I've had for many years.  I cannot complain about them, they have been around since 1998.  Not bad for a couple of pair of sunglasses!  I still love this style, and wish they still made them, I'd have bought more in different colors!

These are Oakley's too, they are titaniam and really great glasses.  On the left lens I have worn away a little bit of the coating on the left lens with my camera.  I used to forget to take my glasses off when I was taking pictures and I damaged some very VERY expensive sunglasses.  These suckers cost me more than 400$.   I love the polarized lenses, they really block the sun. I should send the glasses back to Oakley, they'll replace that lens for a price.  :)

These are my new Oakley Sunglasses.  Aren't they great?  I love the clear frame and the purple lenses look fabulous!  

I'd never heard of Maui Jims, but I LOVE these.  I love the way they look with their polarized lenses.   They are a reddish pink on the outside, and pink on the inside.  Love em!  Love the pretty bag too!

I have friends here that have cataracts forming in their eyes before they are even 50.  Why?  The sun here is very bright and very hot.  We need to protect our eyes from it.  :)

I finished up two more mug rugs.  I think the binding on this one doesn't really go.  I may keep this one for myself!
Now on this one I like the binding.  I really love this one, and it's going to be a gift for someone at some point.  :)

I got some new fabric.  Now what shall I do with it?

 I finished this top today.  It's really pretty straight, but I hung it on the wall and there's a framed picture under it so it makes it appear a little whapperjawed!

It was fun and really easy to do.  :)

Can you see all the lint and dust in this machine?  I guess it's been a whole week since I cleaned it out and I've been using it frequently!  Wow, it was dirty!

And I had a couple of blocks left over from my new quilt top, so I made a block for my memory quilt from one of them! 

And a sunset for all my friends who don't live here year round!  

We do have beautiful sunsets!

And there's a storm coming here with a bunch of birds heading in to the trees for protection!

And the clouds before the storm!  See the rain in the distance?  It's really up there!

And that's what's happening.  Oh, I borrowed a guitar from a friend.  I haven't played in many years, and my guitar is still back in Ohio.  I was surprised that I was still able to run up and down a scale and was able to do some basic chords.  I think I'm going to offer to help the choir at church.  Lissa needs to be able to take occasional weekends off. So if she'll help me get used to playing again, I'll try to help her out! 

Ok, I'm tired, need to take another nap.  I hate feeling sick.  Have a great week, and God Bless.      Anne

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