Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh good grief, it can't be Wednesday already!

I got to quilt yesterday.  Or at least I got to start a new quilt top.

This is the pattern. I got it in a quilt kit from Fat Quarter Shop.  I love kits!  Really, they usually save me a lot of money.  But I also bought some extra aqua/turquoise/teal colored fat quarters to add to this.  I want it to be pretty big, I figure to add an extra block at the bottom and 2 or 4 extra rows.  I LOVE this quilt when done in the teals.  I first saw that quilt on someone's blog when they took a picture of it at the Spring Quilt Market.  LOVE IT!  Teal is my very very very most favorite color in the entire world.  :)

So, I took 29 or 30 (lost count!) fat quarters and ironed each and every one of them.  My left arm (I'm left handed) is killing me still today.  After ironing all those fat quarters, I cut each one in half.  I decided to use regular scissors to do that.  Then I put 7 cuts through every single fat quarter, I did 4 at a time.  Now, my left arm REALLY hurts.  I think I have Iron and Rotary Cutter and Guitar chording elbow!  :)
So, now all those pieces are cut.  Here's some pics of the results!

 This first picture is of 4 stacks of 10 plus one.  I already made about 10 of them, so I hope to have about 70  - 9x9 blocks when I'm done.  Don't you just love those colors?  There's a lot of green in the fabrics, but it really goes well with the teals and such.
 I put some blocks together and I just HAD to see what the 9x9 blocks were going to look like!  So I cut out two of them.  This is the first one. 

And this is the second one.  The colors of the fabrics are more defined in real life than they are in the pictures.   I tried flash and no flash and they still kind of melted into each other!

This is what is left over of the two blocks I made.  Enough to make another block.  So I figure I get 1.5 blocks out of each 1/4 of a fat quarter, or 3 blocks from each fat quarter.  
 Stack of the 1/2 fat quarters put together.  Easy, though a bit tedious due to the repetition of the sewing. 
 This is what I but off of the block when squaring it up.  I know I can use this some how!
 Two 9x9 blocks sewn together.  LOVE IT!
And two of the tops cut off sewn together.  Interesting to say the least, I KNOW I can use these somehow!  :)

Ok, I'm going to go and sew some more blocks.  I figure it will take me about 3 more days to finish the blocks, then I get to cut them and then sew them together again, ok, if I keep on it, about a week until the quilt top is finished!  :)   Gosh, did I mention how much I love these colors? 

And have I mentioned lately how sore my fingers are on my left hand from practicing my guitar?  VERY sore.  :) But I'm having so much fun.  Last night I went to play for an hour, and 3 hours later I finally put the instrument back in it's case!  I am having a blast.  :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  God Bless, Anne

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