Monday, August 22, 2011

LONG long long day!

I just got finished printing postage and scheduling a pick up for tomorrow.  I took a few breaks, but basically I have been sewing since about 8 am this morning.  I'm pooped and my back hurts... really badly.  But this too shall pass.    Anyhow, the tag collar at right is pretty, it's 3/4" and is a size small, about 8"-12", it's lined with satin and has mint green velvet on it.  The hardware is nickel plated and it has a nickel plated tag clip attached.   I had to remake the collar because I should have made it in brass plated.. Ok, I'm a dummy!  But now I have an extra one.  It can be had, postage and collar and tag clip for $12.95.  That's over 4$ off the regular price of the collar, the tag clip and shipping to your home via first class mail.  :)  Interested?  Email me at anneg     at      vtc    dot    net  
remove the spaces, put in @ for the at and put in a . for the dot.   It really is a pretty tag collar.  :)

The weather was pretty today.  But we did get some thunder (sent Sug running for my closet!) but no rain here, though I did see some far to the north. 

 Pretty?  This is due north, the other one is kind of north west.  :)

And this is my Texas Ranger bush.  I bought 2 of them, they have seeded out and I have 4 of them now.  This is the biggest.  I just love them.

I watched movies today while I sewed.
I first watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock in it and I was kind of disappointed in it, but she played a good role.  Not bad, but not one I will run out and buy.
Next I watched The Cutting Edge and it was very good.  Again, not one I would run out and buy, but I enjoyed it.
Then I watched Serenity.  Not one of my favorites, but interesting.
Lastly I watched Whale Rider.  I really liked this one a lot.  Though it took me a bit to get into it, it's decidedly different from your average film.  Worth watching and I will borrow it again in a year or so to watch again.  :)

I have one quilt block that I made the other day, but it's not been trimmed and squared up yet, so I'll wait to take a pic of it until it's all pretty and ironed! 
Hope to get to some quilting tomorrow, it's been WAY too long now.  :)

Have a good tomorrow, God Bless and good night.  :)  (gotta practice that guitar before I can snooze!) 

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