Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got a lot done yesterday!

I quilted most of the day yesterday!  Here's some pictures!

To start my day off right, I tripped and stepped on my very very very favorite ruler.  I cursed!

The results of my "trip"
These are NOT cheap.  *sigh*

Stack of 9" blocks that I have finished.  They will need to be sewing together, obviously!

But I love the way most of them are turning out!
 Ok, most of them have 7 pieces to them, this one has 8.  I have to be different!  :)

This is all the blocks, all the ends of the blocks (which will be sewn together and more blocks made, hence the idea that one gets 3 blocks from each fat quarter!

More new sewn together 1/2 fat quarters.  These now need to be squared up into 9x9 blocks.  That's the fun part. 
 My scraps so far.  I am trying to use up as much as I possibly can!  Don't want to waste any of this beautiful fabric!

26 more 1/2 fat quarters to go.

By bed time, my left are, elbow and should especially, hurt so bad I could cry!  It's from the ironing and the rotary cutting I'm sure.   Next time I'm at Walmart I'm going to see if I can find an elbow brace, thinking that might help.

We had a tiny amount of rain last night, not much rain, but what we did have was thunder all friggin evening long.  Sugar was almost out of her mind with fright.  I leashed her in the house to keep her from destroying my quilting  room trying to get under my tables, and she was trying to get under my computer table, and under isn't far enough, she just wants to be enveloped by "under" and I was afraid she would knock over my tables and my computer and my sewing machine (excuse me, my sewing computer, yes, that's what Bernina calls their machines!) etc. and so forth.  So I finally got out the Ace and drugged her pretty good with 5mg.  Greyhounds just don't need huge doses of ace.  She was able to function fairly normally and relax and sleep with the ace.   This year has been horrible for thunder, my poor poor Sugar. 

Ok, so plans for today are thus:  1. finish those 26 blocks.  2. Practice my Guitar in the daylight!  3. Take a nap! 

Have a great day, God Bless, Anne

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