Monday, August 29, 2011

November 2, 1996..............

On November 2, 1996, a VERY VERY special litter of greyhounds were born.  In this litter were the following pups:

This is Sly Music --- Music was owned by my good friend Sue.  Music died today, she fell and fractured her leg badly and it was not repairable on an almost 15 year old dog.  Music was the last of the Sly dogs I believe. I am so very sad about her leaving.  She was so beautiful and loving and kind and resilient.  I know my firend Sue is devastated.  She adored her Sly dogs and now they are both gone.  :(

  Here's another picture of sweet Music.  My heart is broken for Sue.  I know how much it hurts and even though she still have 2 greyhounds, I know how empty the house seems right now. 

Godspeed Precious Music, be sure to tell my Phantom how much I miss him.  Some day we will meet, all the Sly dogs and all their loving humans, we will be together again with our wonderful dogs.

The rest of the Sly dogs 11/2/96 litter.

Deano's Desire

Phantom was my perfect greyhound.  Ok, he wasn't perfect, but other than a taste for leather (he ate two very expensive coach bags!) and books, he was perfect.  Phantom died of Osteo January 29, 2009

Nope, Phantom didn't get a "SLY" name, his racing owner named him after himself, his name was Dean, hence Deano's Desire.  :)
Was he stunning, he was 12 in this picture. 

Sly Ezella
She was a pet to a wonderful gal named Sue.  Ezella and Music lived together.  The Sly dogs were wonderful animals, calm and loving and sweet and gentle. She's been gone for a few years now, before Phantom.

Sly Jokes was a female and owned by a lady called Melody. 

Sly Lou  owned by Jen and Jim

Sly Lucky Star ---black male --- no picture  --- don't know who is owner was
Sly Metro --- black female --- no picture ---- don't know who her owner was. 
Though I do think at one time we knew where each of the dogs were.  They were so special and we were like a bit loosely related family.

Godspeed to all of them.

God Bless,    Anne

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