Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loooong Tuesday, I'm beat!

 Up and out of bed about 5am. Yes, you read that right, FIVE IN THE MORNING.  I am NOT NOT NOT a morning person.  But a friend needed to go to the airport in Tucson, so up I was, very early this morning.  We went to 8am Mass.  Fr. Manolo walked in the church and his mouth went open and his hands went up... he KNOWS I don't care for mornings.  He made me laugh, laughter is good early in the morning when my eyes aren't working right.  :)  Good Mass, good homily.  After Mass we left for Tucson.  Took us about an hour to get to the airport, maybe an hour and 15 min.  Dropped my friend off (in her car!) and gave hugs and warned her to be careful and she warned me to be careful (you know the drill!) and she went to go through security and wait to board and I went to The Guitar Center.  I had to exchange my guitar case, they gave me one that was too big, so their error.  I went in and got my new one, it's much thicker and way more padded than the last one was, glad I went in for the exchange.  Left Guitar Center and went to Joanns.  I love fabric, and I really need to STAY OUT of fabric stores, but I had to look at fabric for the embroidered quilt I am making for a friend. 

 I went in expecting to use a  pale blue as one of the borders of the blocks.  But this blue washed away and left the block looking pale and sickly.
 This blue wasn't much better and didn't come close to the color of blue used in the blocks.
 Ok, this one is a bit better, but wrong blue.
 I loved this fabric, but it was not the right shade and just didn't work.

 I really liked this one too.  But it was the wrong shade of blue.  The actual blue in the block is more of a dusty blue.
 Alright, this one seemed to really work.  It's darker than I dreamed would be ok, but it really brings out the blue in the block. 
  I met a great gal at the store, a quilter and we got to chatting and talking and she helped me with some more colors.  (turned out this gal is a surgical tech, so we got along well since I have the nursing background!)
Anyhow, we tried the yellow and it looks fabulous with the block.  Not don't get excited about this yellow, it's way more yellow in the picture and it's just beautiful with the block! 

I'm thinking that the hot pink might be a great background for this quilt. 
 Since a man will be using it as well as a woman, you don't want to put pink in his face, especially not bright pink.  But on the back of the quilt, hey, he probably won't see it often!  I bought a tiny bit of the pale pink, was thinking about maybe putting the blue and the pink on as a border.  I didn't buy much of the pale pink as it wasn't on sale and seemed a wee bit thin to me.  The ecru/egg shell/ beige/off white may work well for a 2" border to start the borders off.  It's more beige than the blocks, but the blocks aren't real white either, so I think it will go better than white.  But time will tell about that! 

Then I ran across this book, and since I've made several art quilts, I bought it, it wasn't terribly expensive like some books can get, but seemed to have some good ideas and thoughts in it!  It's mine!!!!
  I picked up a couple (4) fat quarters for me at Joanns.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE teal, so you KNOW I love these!  Not sure what I'll do with them, but I promise, I'll find something to do with em. 

After Joann's, I headed in the "home" direction.  But I stopped at Father Kino's, a Catholic book store.  I love that store, and since I was alone, I had plenty of time to walk around and talk to the proprietress of the store (she's wonderful and soooo knowledgeable)  and look and walk and look and look a little more!  There was a homeless man out in front and he'd been drinking and passed out, so one of the store owners called the police on him.  He had a rather large knife (at least 15" long!!!!) on him so he was arrested.  He was quite cooperative.  He'd spoken to me as I entered the store, and I just replied the same way "hello,"  he didn't really bother me.  But I guess that kind of stuff is illegal in Tucson.

Ok, so my next move was going to I10 and  heading home going east on I10.  I took my time, the speed limit is 75 most of the way, but I did about 60 or 65, it was a nice drive and hardly any traffic at all.  It was 108 when I left Tucson and 102 when I got to Benson.  I stopped in Benson at Walmart.  And of course I had to stroll through their fabric department and I bought 3 1/2 yard pieces of some fabric on sale.  More tealish colored fabric.  Picked up a couple of cheap movies and some grapes and chicken and salad makings and headed back to I10 and back to home!  Stopped downtown to run a few errands and then home to unload my purchases and such and to let my dogs out to potty!  Lulu informed me that she was starvelating since she ate about 6 am and she NEVER eats before 9 or 10 normally!  I was actually a little concerned, last night I had spaghetti squash and left the seeds and such on the counter on a plate and forgot about them and this morning they were gone.  Not sure who ate them, but I was concerned about some adverse effects on the digestive system, but so far no one has shown any signs or symptoms of gut issues, guess the seeds went down just fine.

I've fed the dogs and and dealt with pictures and all that fun stuff.  Now it's time for me to eat my breaklundin.  That's breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one!  I'm having chicken in a vinegar reduction sauce.  And it's ready!  Have a great tomorrow and God Bless,   Anne

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