Monday, August 29, 2011

New project!

A friend of mine from back east sent me 12 quilt blocks.  These blocks are embroidered, by hand I do believe, and are about 16" square.  Actually, I think they are going to be cut 16.5" for a finished 16" square when sashing it in.  Anyhow, thought I'd post a picture of these, they are beautiful, and more beautiful in person of course!  :)

Here is just one block.  They will be 3 across and 4 lengthwise. 
I am going to sash them individually I think and then put together.
I have an idea in my head, and have put it down on paper! 

Sometime in the next week, I want to run to a quilt store and see what shades of sashing will go with this block the best.  It's got (as you can see) pink, blue and green in it.  I think 2 colors will be enough.  I think that the colors should be pale ones, but hey, that's why I'm going to the fabric store, I could be wrong!  But here's a pic of the block in a baggie and in my purse so I don't forget it when I do go!   And when I do go, I'll have my camera with me to take some pictures!!!  :)

 And speaking of my purse....  well, I carry a big honkin purse!  Gotta have my "stuff" you know!  Anyhow, I was always digging for my keys, and sometimes that could take a while.  So a friend bought me a gift.  It's this neat cross and that magnet you see
 I put the round magnet in my purse and then................

 I put the cross on the outside of my purse and it's magnet clings to the little magnet on the inside and the cross stays on my purse!  Note, of course, that the cross is full of bling and is glittery and shiney.  I like shiney and blingy! 
 Anyhow, so the magnet on the inside, then holds my keys!  And so no more fumbling in my purse to find the keys.  I love it!

Another view of my keys!  (they are cool keys are they not?)

And then I have another cross, that is supposed to be a key chain, hanging from the handle of my purse.  Another good friend gave this to me, and I just love it!  I might just put it on a chain this winter and wear it around my neck, would be great on a black top!  :)   And black is one of my favorite wearing colors.  :) 

Well, it's time to feed my dogs, Lulu is telling me that I'm starvalating her!  And then I owe the guitar about 2 hours of my time!  And then I'm going to get to bed early, I'm beat! 

Have a great evening and quilt happy!!   God Bless,  Anne

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