Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving right along...

Ok, I've added 2 blocks to each strip of blocks.  So they are now 8 blocks long and the quilt will be 7x8 blocks big.  Now I have to pick out the sashing.  I'm kind of sure, but not sure about the color.  Here's the 3 colors in the running:

The pink dots indicate the piece of material that is the sashing.  These are extra blocks, not in the strips, so I could easily move them around. 
This is  color 1.

This is color 2.

Yes, this is a different color than the one above!

And this is color 3.

And I spent a couple of hours practicing my guitar and going over some music for church. 
When I look at that music from church, it seems like they have done their level best to put it in the most difficult key with the most sharps and flats possible!  Guess it's really prepared for organ or piano music and those of us who play guitar have to put up with the strange chords!   I swear, in almost every song I have to look up at least 4 chords I've never heard of in my life!  But I'm doing it with a smile on my face and doing my level best to figure out which chords I really don't need!  :)  Sometimes it feels like I won't be ready to play at an actual Mass for years!  My goal remains Advent.  :)

Ok, going to go and sew some more, leaving the sashing decision until tomorrow! 


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