Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday..... well, it's been fairly lazy today!

I got up late.  I mean LATE!  I crawled out of bed about 10:15 this morning.  I cannot believe my dogs let me sleep that late!  And I think I could have slept another 4 hours.  I had some packages waiting to go out and to be picked up by my wonderful mail person, Suzette.  Well, I missed that.  So I had to go to town today and take my packages in.  Always good to see the guys in the post office, and it's the center of our little town so you see lots of folks you don't normally see.  So it wasn't all bad.  I just felt bad that Suzette came by for my mail and it wasn't out.  I'm sooooo sorry Suzette, please forgive me.

I got to bed late, and by that later than I normally do.  I went with a friend to Sierra Vista last night to a movie.  We say Cowboys and Aliens.  And you know, it was a cute movie, with lots of humor and some horror/icky stuff in it and lots of killing!  Of course any good western has killing in it. I even ate popcorn and really, I never want to see more popcorn as long as I live.  BLECH, but it sure was good going down.

We went the back way, through Bisbee and over, so we got to see some of the devastation from the fire that went through there earlier this summer.  It was amazing.  Really, some of the trees are burned dead, some are burned at the bottom, but green at the top, some were totally spared, right in the middle of a hundred burned ones. There is no rhyme nor reason to it, it appears random.  And there were home that had every tree around them burned to a crisp, but the house appeared fine.  And then there were some burned out buildings and you can see where some things burned and were being rebuilt.  The Monument fire was bad because there were so many houses in harms way.  And it got pretty darn close to Sierra Vista proper, it could have been so much worse.  You can see the Cross fro Our Lady of the Sierra's on the side of one of the mountains.  The chapel and the prayer house burned, but the cross and the statue of Our Lady did not burn.  So sad to loose anything, but so good that not all of the shrine was destroyed.  I'd never been up there, but will make a point of getting up there soon, chapel or not. I didn't get pictures because we were in kind of a hurry to get to the theater, but maybe next time.

Today I've been working on more blocks for my Memory Quilt:

 I love some of these fabrics.  The reddish purple in the 5th stripe over was also in my first quilting project for my class by Brenda.  The 6th stripe was in several quilts, a rail fence quilt and one of my bargello quilts too. The 7th stripe from the left is a purple and gold and have been the backing on more than one quilt!  The 1st and the 9th stripe, the striped purple fabric was in the Fussy cut quilt.  Can't remember off hand where the others are from!

I love this one, and for the life of me, I cannot remember exactly what quilt had this fabric in it.  But I had a fat quarter bundle and I used it for something!

The two flowered pieces of fabric in this quilt are from a fat quarter bundle of fabrics that were for kids.  they had some of the Dick, Jane and Sally kind of pics on some of the fat quarters.  The quilt I made from these fabrics consisted of blocks that were from the easy to the difficult.  I gave the quilt top to a friend to quilt.  She liked it and I honestly never did like the fabrics.  :)

I love this block!  Really, I do, it just really appeals to me for some reason.  The flower fabric is from my Fussy cut quilt.  Not a lot to say about it really, but this is one of my favorites.  :)

On Thursday one of my most bestest and sweetest friends and I are going to go and see Harry Potter.   I'm sooooo excited!  I love Harry Potter.  Will be watching his movies this week..

And tomorrow I've made an appointment to have my hair cut.  Finally.  It's gotten hot and itchy feeling on my neck and either needs to go up in a clip or get chopped off.  :)

Alrighty then, that's it for the moment!  Have a great evening and God Bless,    Anne

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