Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good day, very good day!

I was up and moving around by about 7:30 am.  That's always a good thing.  I didn't get to bed until probably 1:30 last night, probably because I slept in so late yesterday.  So the sleep thing should straighten itself out tonight. 
Had a noon appointment to get my hair cut.  So I got ready, and ran to the bank, then to the post office (gee, that's twice in one week!) and finally to Sandy's, she's the gal who cuts my hair.  When Sandy asks me how I want my hair, I just let her have at it!  So my hair is OFF my neck, I hate hair on my neck.  And I'm told my cut looks great.
So after hair cut, I stopped at a new gift shop in town.  Bought myself a new cup and an angel to hang off my screen door....  Here they are: 

 Isn't my Kokopeli cup cute?  It's for iced drinks (like my iced coffee) and is double insulated.  I love it! 

This is my angel, she says:  Live, Laugh, Love, learn to dance in the rain.  She has little chimes on her and is on a spring so she kind of bounces up and down!  :)   I like her a lot!  :)

After I did a little shopping, I stopped by the community center and spent some time with the gals who were line dancing.  Soon I plan on being there to dance.  But it was great to see some folks I haven't seen for a very long time.  :)

Then I stopped at another friends and did her a couple of favors.  And then I came on home.  It was thundering by then and Sugar was understandably upset as per usual.  So she raced around the house for a few minutes and, again, as per usual ended up in my closet in my bedroom.

After she settled, I started sewing! 

 Worked on some blocks for my memory quilt. 
This block has a bunch of the stratas for different bargellos I've made.  I really like the way it looks.

I don' t think I like this one.  The blocks are made out of some blocks I put together for a quilt for my Mennonite friends. 

This block has some 1/3rd nine patches from several of the Nine Patch Pizazzzz quilts I did. 

This is my chicken quilt block.  I just loved this fabric, don't even know where on earth I got it!  I used it in several quilts, just really enjoy it.   I would LOVE to have some chickens of my own, fresh eggs would be fantabulous!

 This is a pony from the fussy cut quilt I made from a kit.  Isn't he adorable?  I love this block.  I used the red because there is some of this color in the picture, and the pink just 'went' with it.

 And the one below is one I posted yesterday, but when I went to look at it, I though it looked lop-sided, and it was!  I added a 3rd border to it to make it of the correct proportions.  :)
And could someone tell me why on earth I can write to the side of the pictures above, but not to the side of that last one?  Also, why is blogger saying that someone is spelled wrong above?  Sheesh talking about getting your panties in a bunch!  :)

This is a picture of the Mexican Bird of Paradise plant that I tied to my fence!  There are 2 big plants there, and they were both kissing the ground after a storm last week.

Ok, that's about it for me tonight.  I'm tired, and my ironing arm is aching, I'm ready for bed (and it's only 8:10.  Gosh, I'm getting old!)  So quilt happy and God Bless,    Anne

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