Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Wednesday and I've not sewn a stitch!

No, not a stitch today.  I got up pretty early, got the dogs out, drank some coffee, and turned on my curling iron, grabbed a shower and got myself ready for a trip to the great city of Tucson, Az.  Don't get into Tucson as often as I would like, it's not a bad place, lots of good places to eat and lots of fun stores to visit. 
I went with a purpose today.  I made a trip to the Guitar Center store.  They have many wonderful guitars in that store.  From baby guitars (almost makes me wish I had a 4 year old who wanted to play the guitar, almost!) to many colorful electric guitars to the lovely acoustic guitars.  I was after the acoustic ones. 
Many many MANY years ago, my parents, bless their souls, paid for years of guitar lessons for me.  I took a lesson each week.  I saved up my birthday money and bought myself a really nice Harmony Guitar after a couple of years lessons.  I concentrated on Classical music and played a nylon stringed classical guitar.  I played pretty well too.  I also loved playing folk music and could entertain myself for hours with my guitar and my music... that kind of stuff is important for an only child with old parents.  :)   Bless their hearts.  Anyhow, I played into my 20's and then while i was raising kids, I didn't play much.  But I toted that Guitar from pillar to post.  Until my last move to Arizona, I left that Guitar in Ohio.  Now, I could call my son and beg him to send it to me, and in about 2 years I might get it.  So instead, I bought a new guitar today.  Why?  I decided that I will practice, practice and practice some more and get good enough to help play music for Mass.  But, it's going to take me a bit to get my old fingers moving and I have carpal tunnel, so I have to be careful of my right hand which has never been repaired.

Ok, some pictures:  

This is the front of my new guitar.  Pretty, no?

And the back!

And a professional pic of it!

And the back.  

I was looking online for a picture of the guitar I have that's still in Ohio.  And this is it!  It's a harmony, probably from 1966 or 65.  

That same guitar!  Mine had a very similar case, but the inside was red.  :)  And I put all kinds of   "peace" and "make love no war" sticker on my case.  Painted on it too.  I was a very creative child!

And this is an old Stella Guitar, it's like the very first one I got in 1963/64ish.  :)  I didn't really like it, my parents picked it out, and so as soon as I saved up enough $$  I bought the one just above, I picked that one out! 

I got some neat stuff to go with it, a strap, a capo, a tuner... let me tall ya, that tuner is cool, you just clip it on and tune your string until the needle is straight up.  Easy!  I used to tune my bottom string and then tune all the other ones to that, no tuners when I learned, back in the old days when dirt was new.  :) 
It came with it's own little bag like in the top two pictures.  Also picked up a  humidifier for it (since I live in one of the driest states in the US)  and some picks since it's got steel strings on it.  My old one was nylon strung. 
All in all, I'm pretty excited about it.  Ardie went with me, and we went out to eat after I bought this.  The salesman looked at me and said "take it in with you" and I looked at him, and yeah, makes sense, it's too darn hot to leave a guitar in the car.  So we carried it into PF Changs with us.  Took it into Walmart with me too.  hehehehe didn't want to kill it before it was even 24 hours old. 

Well, it's late, I'm tired, so I'm going to go and get some beauty sleep... not that it helps a whole lot, but hey, a gal's gotta try right?  *grin*  Have a good Thursday, and God Bless....   Anne

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