Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yummy Fabrics!

I love fabric, I love the way it feels, I love the way it looks and the way it drapes!  Of course, I really love good fabric better than cheap fabric.  And boy oh boy do I have some new fabric that feels wonderful!
This  is my favorite all time quilt that I've ever made.  I guess I made it about 3 or 4 years ago while taking an online quilting class.  When I sent my quilting teacher a picture of it, she said it was like the sea to her.  When I showed it to my Mennonite quilting teacher, she said "Oh Anne, it's the ocean!"  I love water, I love the ocean and I LOVE LOVE LOVE teals and blues!
I think my favorite color would have to be a bright teal. And all the colors of the ocean and water. 

So you will understand why I am so excited about some fabric that I ordered online and a quilt kit that I ordered!  They are the sea. 

 Well, I guess this one isn't the sea totally, maybe the sea with some beautiful fish in it!  Brights, I can't wait to use these in something!!!

 These are so pretty, and yes, to me this is very similar to the bargello quilt I made, in color.  The Bargello is made from mostly patterned and batiks, not solids.

 And these are the fabrics from the quilt kit below!  Just scrumptious!  I could roll in this fabric and be happy!!!

And the quilt kit.  I saw this quilt on blogs a few months ago, and loved it the moment I saw it hanging at the quilt show (in a picture, I didn't attend the quilt show.)  So when I saw the quilt kit online, I HAD HAD HAD to have it!  I have some extra fabric so I can make it big enough for my bed. 
I cannot wait to cut into this fabric, it's going to be soooo much fun!

And that wonderful bargello quilt up yonder?  When my quilting teacher's son and his wife had a baby, it was given to their new born baby boy and the ocean kept him all snuggly and warm his very first winter!

Have a blessed Sunday!  Quilt happy,   Anne

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