Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm tired, it was a quilting day!

Another block done for our Summer Sample Quilt Along!  And it involved MANY HSTs!  My left arm is aching from doing the cutting, the ironing, the squaring and then the sewing!  My iron is a light weight cordless iron, and my arm feels like it must be one of those huge old fashioned cast iron irons!  Here are my 4 squares, I'm very happy with them. :)

 See, 28 HST's per block.

I think this might be my favorite one out of this bunch!
 This is my second favorite
 And this would be my 3rd favorite

And as you can see, I didn't square these up, still have to do that tomorrow!
And yup, my last favorite!  Gee, I can count!!

Squaring up all those hst's was a real pain in the hinnie.  I had just done about 200 of the hst's for another quilt last week, I'm going to see more of them too in the next square I bet!

We got a bit of rain today, nice to see the monsoon's kicking in, we are so desperate for rain here.  Sugar spent most of the day in my closet quaking from fear of the thunder boomers.  Lulu was out in the rain with me
helping me pick up poop when it started raining pretty hard... she ran up on the deck, I continued to pick up the poop!  I sure wish I could train my dogs to pick up after themselves, it would sure be nice!

Well, day is done, and I'm going to head to bed to get some snooze time. Have a great Tuesday and God Bless and quilt Happy!    Anne

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