Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quilting Tuesday

Got some good quilting in today.  That always makes me happy.  I worked yesterday getting a couple of harness orders done and ready to be picked up by the post office this morning.  I have some trims pulled so I can make our new Priest's dog some pretties!  She's adorable, a tiny Cocker Spaniel, very sweet and very small!  So I'll get those done by the end of the week. 
Today I worked on my stash buster quilt for the Mennonites some more.  I think I may have enough rows to put together, and will do that tomorrow. 
I found 2 more UFO's in my front sewing room (where I generally do collars and such!).  They were small wall hanging size and probably my second and third quilting thing I'd ever made!  Both of them are greyhound themed with applique on them.  I just had to sew down the applique on one, and iron on the applique on the other and sew it down.  Didn't take long, don't know why I never finished them before... (well, yeah, I remember, I was scared to death of the sewing on of the applique!) But they are done now, and I either need to hang them on a wall, or I need to find them a home.  I do collect greyhound quilts and wall hangings, I should put up pics of all of them!
Here are the two I finished today:

 The greyhound in the center of this one is supposed to be a brindle.  Hard to find just the right material to replicate brindle fur!

This one on the right has a sparkly black greyhound in the center and is a bit smaller than the one above.  But it's probably the second quilt I ever made! 
When I started quilting, we did a table runner and place mats and aprons and such before we did an actual quilt, so that's how I knew a little bit about quilting when I did these!

Yesterday was a quiet day, started the day off with Mass, then out to eat and then home to work.  We didn't have any fireworks here, did hear a few cherry bombs or m80's or I guess they could have been 22 shots.  But that was about it.  That's one of the reasons I love living here.  We're pretty quiet for the most part!
I have to go and read now, I have book/bible study tonight, we're reading the book Jesus Of Nazareth by Pope Benedict, the first one.  It's very interesting!

Have a great Tuesday and God Bless,   Anne

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