Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a day for sure!

What a day.  Got up about 7:00 this morning, got about 7 hours of sleep.  We lost electricity last night at about 11:15pm, no storm, no lightening, just night.  We've had more outages in the past few weeks here than I think I've ever experienced anywhere in my life!  On Thurs. the water was out, went to look at the well, there's the electric company doing something and of course, no electric, no water being pumped.  I was grumpy and the guy working on the electric was grumpy, not a good situation.  Don't know why the electric company out here won't communicate with it's customers, but it's frustrating as all get out.  Oh well, right in the middle of doing laundry too.  ARGH!!!! 
Didn't sew on Thursday or Friday.  Sleep was all messed up and I just didn't feel like doing much. 
Sewed collars and harnesses on Sat. Sunday and much of today.  Got a lot of work done.  On Saturday evening after mass, a friend of mine and I took our priest out to dinner.  We have a new priest and he is just wonderful!  He was born on the same day and year as my oldest son. (how cool is that? *grin*)  Anyhow, Fr. Manolo is a joy to be around, very good guy.  He's going to be really good for our parish.  I have to remember to write the Bishop a note of thanks for sending Fr. here.

So, while I didn't get much done today, I did get 4 blocks done.  I think some of the seams were redone at least 3 times, very frustrating.
And my Ott Light died.  I tried changing the bulb and changing where it's plugged in at, and it's still dead.  :(
I have a baby ott that I set up on my sewing machine to use instead!

Mr. Ott light, I will miss you very much!  You've been a great light for the past 13 years.
I have 3 of these in my house, and I wish I had 6 more.  I love them,
they are great to read by, and great to do needle work by, and
of course, great to quilt by.
I have one in my front sewing room where I make collars, and one in my
quilting sewing room, and one in my bedroom next to my bed so I can
read comfortably in bed!  Love the darn things, and I'm really going to miss this one.

This is my baby ott that is a clamp on.  So I put it on my machine's table.  Seems to be working ok for the moment.  I don't know exactly what I'm going to do
in the long run though. 

 Here's the 4 blocks I made today.
I'm going to be kind to myself and NOT point out all my errors.
Though, if you look closely, you will see my boo boos easily!

I think the colors could have been chosen better, I don't like the white
backgrounds, that fabric seems to fade away!
In fact, I need to take that top strip and put it on the bottom!  BIG goof there, and I'll even point that one out!  :)
 I don't mind this one too much.
 I like this one OK,  but I could live without it!

This is my favorite.  Nice bright colors!

I"m hoping to get some real quilting time in tomorrow or Wednesday.  I was on edge today and my back is killing me.  Usually sewing makes me relaxed, but today I made more mistakes than usual and I was pretty much NOT a patient gal.  I need more coffee!!  :)

Have a wonderful evening, and quilt happy!  God Bless, Anne

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