Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Sewing....

I can see so many things in my head that I want to do, so I put some of them on paper.  Others I don't.  Then I get ideas from other folk's quilts and art and that goes into my head too.. 
Anyhow, the last couple of days have been productive, not so much in actual sewing, but in planning!  In actual sewing, here's what I've gotten done.

My first mug rug!  I was just experimenting and thought this turned out pretty good.  :)
A friend invited me over for dinner and I thought this would make a nice little gift to take her. 

But then I got to sewing some more.....

 And this happened........
And this.............

I tried putting more than 2 layers of warm and natural in between the front and the back, and I think that they are too stiff.  :(   BUT they'd probably make great pot holders or hot pads, as long as they aren't on a really lovely wooden table that can mar....
But I had a blast making them and plan on making some more... I think with a nice tea cup or a mug and a couple of tea bags or some coffee, they would make lovely little gifts! 
I have a ton of ideas for more of them!  :) 

 Tuesday night I stopped at the Produce Wagon,  a small but great little grocery store here in town (and the ONLY one in 30+ miles!) to buy a soda to take with me to Bible Study.

Anyhow, someone back by the store has peacocks.  And do you have any idea how much noise peacocks make?  And how icky the noise is?  

 I saw this boy out on the street running around and couldn't help but to grab my camera and take some pictures!  Who knew that in our little corner of Arizona we'd find peacocks, and noisy ones at that!  :)

I started this little "block" and it's turning out pretty much ok!  I want to make it a bit bigger and then get it into a 12.5" block some how so I can put it in one of my sampler quilts that I have planned in my head! 

 And these 12.5" blocks will go into one of my sampler quilts.  I was quite pleased with how they turned out! The blue one is my favorite of the two. 

But this one isn't bad either!  Lots of fun to make.  :)

Well, that's what I've been up to for the past few days.  Also had a bunch of collar and harness orders go out, so, I've been keeping busy!
Have a great day and God Bless,       Anne

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