Friday, June 3, 2011

TGIF! Really had a great Friday! :)

I got some sewing done today, several kinds.  That always makes me happy.
I got my Celebration quilt put together.  And it's AWESOME!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

Here's a shot of the center, I LOVE these colors, and it was soooo easy to put together. 
And here's a little broader shot of it, so had to see the pattern and how it is framing the center part.  I LOVE this quilt.  (secret, I have fabric for another one cut out!!!  :)
And IT'S HUGE!  Don't know what's wrong with me, but it's soooooo big. 
I took it to a friends house and had her hold it, but the pictures didn't turn out at all.  The sun was coming in her windows and it just ruined the pics. I'm debating on if I should put borders on it or not, still not sure.   It's about 70x70 now.  

And I got my cross quilt put together.  It's lap size and I think I'm going to
stop right where it is now.  I'm not sure about borders on this one either! 
I like it, but I did it in a scrappy fashion, and I think I like it better done with all solids.  :)   I have enough cut for one more lap quilt, so I will put 2 of them together.   Easy to quilt if they are smaller as well.  :)

Went out for dinner, had a salad at Margie's Cafe.  1/2 of a chef salad and iced tea.  Went for a ride to see how the Chiricahua fire is doing, and it's smokey tonight.  Didn't see any flames like we did last week,  Hope they are getting more and more of it contained.  They ordered some evacuations on Thursday, hopefully there won't be any homes burned.  :(   It's distressing to see our mountains on fire.
Stopped in Willcox to get some dog food and then drove through Burger King for an Iced Carmel Coffee.  I LOVE coffee.  :)
Ok, I'm tired, the dogs want some attenetion and I need to get to bed.  :)
God Bless and G'night.  Anne

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