Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have no idea! :)

G'morning!  Yesterday I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to. 
I live in a very small town.  We have one restaurant that is tried and true, and that's Margies.  Margies has been here forever and ever and a day.  Margies menu rarely changes, but the staff changes frequently.  Margies is serviceable, not beautiful and the food is consistent for the most part.  We have the Country Club restaurant.... it's been under about 10 different managements since I moved here about 6 years ago.  It's been good and it's been horrible and for a good portion of the time it's been closed! 
Then Charles and Patsy opened it and served great burgers, chicken salad and such, and it was reasonable and it was VERY good.  Then the powers that be decided they could do better... so they took it over and opened at the crack of dawn and closed right after lunch.  That was for a year.  And they raised prices, over and over!  The food is still good, not Charles and Patsy good, but good.  But it's pricey, and we are NOT a rich town in the poorest county in Arizona. 
Anyhow, what I'm getting to is that we have a new Pizza place now, called Back East Pizza.  It just opened yesterday.   The inside is clean and bright and new.  The staff is cheerful.  The tables are like Mickey D's tables, chairs attached and you dine at their comfort vs. your own comfort.  They have some outside tables that are the kind where you pull up a chair (comfortable),  but it's small.  Small with 2 big screen TVs.  :)   A large pizza with 3 items and 2 drinks was about 19$.  There is one option for crust, thin.  Pizza crust is supposed to be chewy, not crunchy in my book.  :)  I didn't eat the crust.  The toppings were very good, but mostly cheese, very few onions and very few mushrooms and very little sausage on my pizza.  But that's what I ate.  I brought my crusts home to the dogs and they enjoyed them.  I had to ask for a plate (go figure!) and a fork to eat with.  I generally don't pick up pizza in my fingers (thanks Mom!!) so I appreciate forks!  Over all, I gave them a 5 of a possible 10.  Lots of room for improvement.
Then my friend Ardie and I got out and walked a bit yesterday afternoon.  It was in the upper 90's, so we didn't go too far, but walk we did!  And then I got to quilt a little bit.  I got my Celebration quilt strips of blocks done.  I have 7 strips of 7 blocks, and now all I have to do is sew these together, put on a border and send it off to the LA quilter!
Today I have to make dog collars and harnesses and leashes!  Got to make some money so I can buy more fabric!  hehehehehe

This is one of the very first quilts I made on my own (the red on the right doesn't belong to this quilt!) and I never got past making the top!  So I gave it to the Mennonites so they could finish it and give it to someone in need of a warm quilt.

And this is that quilt finished!  I don't know where it went, but again, I'm sure that it went to someone who really needed it.  :)

That's it for the moment, thanks for listening to my ranting and raving and rambling!  (that would be the 3 R's!!  :)

God bless, Anne

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