Monday, June 6, 2011

Stiching but not quilting.... and A contest by Alderwood Quilts....

I did not get one stitch of quilting done today.  Got up late (can't believe my dogs let me sleep that late!) and got the dogs fed and got busy making harnesses, collars and leashes! 
I watched the moie "Take the Lead" and it was REALLY REALLY good!  If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's about Pierre Dulaine who is a dance instructor.  He takes ballroom dancing into the public schools of New York.  It's good. I enjoyed it a lot!  Made me want to run to Tucson and take some ballroom dancing lessons!  Check it out.  :)

A friend of mine who has a quilt shop has a contest going....  The cutest quilting mouse pad I've ever seen!  Check it out here:  Alderwood Quilts Blog
If you've never seen her quilt shop, well check that out here:  Alderwood Quilt Shop
She's got great stuff and great prices to boot! 
And don't forget to sign up for her newsletter while you are at it!  :)

This little bird and his sister or brother were hanging out on my deck railing last weekend.  They weren't afraid of my dogs and this one let me get about 10" away from him to take a picture!  I am not at all bird savvy, so I have absolutely no idea what kind of bird he is!

Ok, I'm going to call it a night.  Have sweet dreams everyone, and God Bless,   Anne

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