Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boring Tuesday?

Another day with mostly sewing of collars, leashes and harnesses.  I really enjoy that too, I pretty much enjoy most anything having to do with sewing machines, trims, fabrics and putting them all together.  I'm just sitting here thinking that maybe in the future I might even try making some clothing for myself again.  When I was in junior and senior high school, I made most of my own clothes.  My parents were frugal with money for clothes and I found out really quickly that I could make a whole lot of clothes for the same money I would pay for one skirt and blouse and vest.  I loved having lots of clothes. My children are boys and I sewed for them some, but not like I probably would have if they had been girls.  But anyhow, it's been a VERY long time since I made clothing.  :)  Wait, I did make a dress for a little Mennonite girl, it turned out pretty cute too, but even that was 2 years ago and I had a lot of help.

I watched a couple of movies today while I sewed.  I watched again The Proposal.  Love that movie.  Such a great cast!  I also watched The Blind Side, and this is probably one of my all time favorite movies.  If I really love a movie, I go ahead and buy it, that way I can watch it whenever I get the urge. I get a lot of movies from Net Flix, it's really a great program and it doesn't cost very much if you are good at getting and returning movies.   I don't have regular TV, I know that's hard for most people to believe.  I have older TV's, no digital and couldn't reach a Tucson station without a big antenna or cable if I wanted to.  So I often go for many days without turning on a TV in the house!  I like it quiet, really, I do.

I did do a tiny bit of quilting work tonight, but nothing significant.  Tomorrow will be a quilting day.  I have more UFO's to work on, several just to bind, so hopefully I can get some of that done.  :)
Have a good evening and sleep tight!  God Bless, Anne

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