Thursday, June 9, 2011

The fire in the Mountains..

We are in a valley here where I live, and we are surrounded by majestic mountains that give us wonderful places to hike and connect with nature, and they are beautiful as well.  The mountains to the east of us are on fire.  The Chiricahua mountains have been burning for a month now.  It was up to about 45% contained, but in the last few days the containment has fallen back to 40%.  Anywhere from 7-11 structures have burned, depends on the source.
I live near this, I can see the fires burning, esp. at night from my front yard.  And we see smoke here.  I took a picture of the smoke hanging over some fields and some of the foot hills this morning about 6am.  I hope that the weather cooperates today and the brave firefighters can get more of a handle on the fire. 
These foot hills are not far at all, about a 5 minute drive from my house, but the fire is much further away, probably 30 miles as the crow flies. Last week I was up nearer the fire, there was a ton of activity with the water trucks coming down off the mountains to refill and get back up there.  I haven't seen any helicopters but I hear that on the less windy days that there are helicopters bringing water to dump on the fire. 
We desperately need rain here, it's so dry.  Our monsoon season last year wasn't all that great so we are really behind on rain.

I did get to do some fun sewing yesterday, but my level of concentration was down, so I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to.  Time will tell.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!  Anne

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