Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nope, I didn't run away....

Friday:  I went to Tucson for the day and had a great time.  Did quite a bit of needed shopping in stores I don't get to very often.  Costco, JoAnns, DSW, Sunflower Market, Fr. Kino's Corner Catholic Book Store and Macy's in the Park Place Mall.  Whew, that's some shopping!  And to top our day off, we went to St. Pius X, for an Italian Dinner to benefit Vine of Grace Retreat Ministries.  The food was good. And the music presentation was a real treat. We sat with  some gals from St. Joseph in Tucson, the significance of this is that we are getting a new priest here, and he's coming from St. Joseph and these gals were more than happy to tell us all about Fr. Manolo. Seems Fr. Manolo is a great priest and very well liked and they are very sad to have him leaving their church.  Sounds like we are getting a great new priest.  He'll arrive July 1 of this year.  Should be very interesting.  I got home late and exhausted but had a great day! 

Saturday:  Got up late, ahhh, the luxury of sleeping in is so wonderful. Spent the afternoon shopping.  We ate Chinese first and then went to Walmart to do grocery shopping.  That took most of the afternoon.  While in Benson, we could see the smoke from the fire that is east of Pearce. 
Then after coming home to feed the dogs, we drove out near the fire, and I have some horrific pictures to post of the HorseShoe 2 fire. (I have more trouble posting these pictures and making them stay where I want them to be!)
You can see the smoke just above the mountains,
this was taken in Benson.

This is on the way to Pearce on 191 in the
afternoon about 4pm. 

The fire as we drove towards Turkey Creek

The Southern part of the fire,
the smoke was intense.
This is kind of the middle of the fire, you
can see fire in the center of the picture.
This is where the visitor's center is, and
I believe all that is burned up and gone now. 
Very sad.

Today I have to sew, not sure exactly what!
I was "digging" for some fabric the other day and found some more UFO's.  Good grief, I have to get these things finished!  I have binding to do, I might just plug in a movie and bind for a couple of hours!  Sounds good to me.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!  God Bless, Anne

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