Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

I finished two more UFO's in the past few days.  I'm very happy with how I'm getting through these things. 
Here's a picture, two more of my bargello's finished, they are wall hangings.
 Both of these are part of a bargello class I took about 3 years ago at Quilt University.  I have a lot of fun with these and learned a lot about bargello.  Ruth Blanchet was the teacher and the class was Bargello Seasons.  A great class.  This was one of my spring bargellos.
 This was one of my summer bargellos.  I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years, and this one reminds me of Union Terminal Museum in Cincinnati for some reason.  :)   Union Terminal used to be our train station in Cinci, and was built in 1933.  The murals inside are stunning.  But I digress! 
Two more UFO's to the finished column! 

Here's a picture of Union Terminal, it's a beautiful building!

On Monday a friend and I took a day trip up to Morenci, Arizona.  We are getting a new parish priest, and this is where our current priest will be headed for his new assignment.  We wanted to check it out and take a look at the area since neither one of us had ever been there.  It was approx.  120 miles and took about 2 hours to get there.  And the scenery was fabulous on the way. 
What we didn't realize was that we were going to be very close to Springerville, and this is where the Wallow forest fire is burning so intensely.  We honestly had no idea we'd be seeing more forest fire smoke, it was a surprise!  Here's some pics from our trip, enjoy.

 As we drove through Willcox to get to 191 North, we could see our Horseshoe 2 fire smoke.  This is about 30 miles north of the fire.
 Just a pretty rock formation. 
 Looking towards New Mexico, what a beautiful day for a ride!

Isn't this a really interesting rock formation?

This was our first clue that we were up north enough to be near the Wallow fire.  This is the second largest forest fire in the history of Arizona. 

 I'm jumping ahead here, but this is how the fire looked as we were going from Clifton, Az into Morenci. 

Another Wallow smoke picture.

The bridge into Clifton, Az

 A group of homes on the left as we drove into Clifton.  I swear, it looks like a military base, but it must be miner homes?    I have no idea, but it sure did look odd sitting there in the middle of the desert!!
 Trains with a great mountain in the back, albeit a small mountain, but look at the houses built into the side of the mountain, way cool!  Clifton, Az.
 Not exactly sure what the flags are around the American flag, but it's really interestings!  Clifton, Az.
 As we go from Clifton  into Morenci, you can see the mining that has taken place.
 Again, the winding road into Morenci.
An old train engin on display in Clifton.

 Father Martin will have 2 parish's and a mission.  The parish in Morenci is Holy Cross.  This is the alter of the Parish in Clifton,  Sacred Heart.  It's a beautiful church, very old, I believe from the late 1800's.  But don't quote me on that one.  :)

One of the many beautiful stained glass windows. 
When I was taking these pictures off my camera, I realized that I didn't take one picture of Holy Cross church in Morenci!  What a dummas I am sometimes.  Good grief.  Anyhow, it's bigger and much newer and it's where the priest actually lives.

So, on the way home, we saw this to the left, towards New Mexico.  It's smoke, we figure another forest fire of some kind?  I haven't looked it up yet.

We have one more new fire, in Sierra Vista, that's about 75 miles southwest of us here in Pearce.  Our whole state is going to be on fire if we don't get some rain soon.  However, like the Horseshoe 2 fires, it was human set and under investigation.

The picture to the right is NOT MY PHOTO.  It looks pretty terrible, just like the rest of the fires. It's a picture of the fire south of Sierra Vista.  I sure hope it doesn't spread too much.                                                      

Ok, so that's all I have today!  Today will be a quilting day.  Yesterday was a sewing dog stuff day, I started early and ended late.  But I thank God for every order I get, keep me busy Lord, that keeps me out of trouble! 
God bless,  Anne

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