Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Quilting Thursday!

Well, maybe not so much quilting yet, but lots of cutting and ironing and decision making. 
On Tuesday and Wednesday, I cleaned out my quilting/sewing place.  I actually have to sewing places, one is a collar/sewing place and that's the front room.  This cleaning was done on the quilting/sewing place which is where my 3rd bedroom would be if I hadn't removed the walls and made it an extension of my living room!  And now, my living room is my quilting room for the most part.
I found all kinds of goodies, including another 4 or 5 UFO's.  More kits, several without patterns.  Some patterns that I had forgotten about, and lots of my papers where I was doodling and such.  It is a lot cleaner and I even crawled under my sewing table and got everything out that had fallen off the back of my table. 
Today I sat there and cleared off my table and put some stuff away.  I looked at my "in the process" items and just felt blah.  Sorted some more pics and found something I'd wanted to make about 5 or 6 years ago.  So I decided to get started on it. 
It involves 4 separate 'scenes' that are applique.  (did I ever mention that I'm truly no good at applique and don't like it?)  But I LOVE these and while they aren't done (will do that tonight and tomorrow) I am tickled with them so far.  Pictures, I have pictures. 
Here's each panel:
I haven't actually put the coyotes on the panels yet, I just wanted to see what they would look like. 

The first panel is indeed just the mountains and the sky.
 I am happy with the sky, hard for me to do a night sky!

I decided to move the moon, as though time is passing!

And here's what they will look like when I put all 4 of them together.  Of course, I will have borders and better sashing and they'll all be the same size!
So I put on Wonder Under and all these colors you see are "stuck" to a piece of muslin.  I'm going to applique each one of these individually and then some how put them together and then put in batting and backing and quilt them.  That should be interesting!  :)

The closest fire is almost 100% contained.  It was supposed to happen last night, but  for some reason, it didn't.  So they are now aiming for Saturday the 25th.  There is little to no smoke coming from the Chiricahuas now and that is such a relief.  And thankfully we only see smoke from the Monument fire here and there, not as much as we could.  I heard that fire is about 50% contained which is a really good thing.
Ok, that's it for now, have a great day and God Bless!   Anne

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