Monday, June 27, 2011

And a Good Monday to all.....

I've had an interesting day.  Got some quilting done. 
Here's some pics of my coyote quilt that I've dubbed "There's a Moon out Tonight" 

The block above is how the 4th block looks with all 3 coyotes on it! 
Here are all 4 blocks.

 I didn't like block 1 without anything but the hills and the moon.  It just looked wrong.  So I put a coyote that's just sitting and not yet howling at the moon!

Here's the blocks with sashing and a border.  This is 3 and 4.
And blocks 1 and 2 with border and sashing. 
I'll get them sandwiched and quilted this week hopefully, I'm determined to NOT let them become another UFO!!! (or WIP, whichever you prefer!)

I found some more UFO's while I was kind of sorting stuff out. 

 I'm not sure what I was going to do with these blocks.  They are 12.5" and bright colors.  I finished 3 of them and have 8, with I had 9.  I looked for more of the fabric, but couldn't find any in my stash, so I'll just have to figure out what to do with 8 of them!

 This is 6 blocks put together.  About the right size for a wall hanging.  Maybe I'll applique something in the middle of each block that's kind of "child like" and border it and make it into a wall hanging for someone who had little ones!  Children like bright colors don't they?
 This is a stash buster quilt that I started about 3 or 4 years ago.  I put 10 rows together and called it a quilt top! I'll donate it to my Mennonite quilting group and it will find a home with someone who needs a warm quilt. 
 These are some strips that are kind of odd balls!  I like the scrappy look though!
These again are a part of the quilt that the Mennonites will get. 
I hope to have 2 of them by the end of next week!  :) Trying to get some of these UFO's finished and out of the house or at least have a place for them to go this fall!

One of my Mennonite friends had me doing a fabric search for them today. They don't have internet access (most of them don't anyhow, not for browsing) so I help them out whenever I can.   She was looking for some Asian fabric from 2009, and I HOPE that I have ordered from a place that has it.  NO ONE, not even Ebay has any!  It was Kona Bay and they have similar fabrics, but not the one I needed.
Today was exceptionally hot, about 110.  That's HOT for here.  We had a dust storm today and a decent sunset, not great, but sweet!  :)  I'll post some pictures tomorrow! 

Alrighty then, time for me to head to bed, I got up this am at 4!  Sleep Tight and God Bless,  Anne

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