Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interesting afternoon!

This is a long one, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy!  Me, I'm thinking along the lines of an adult beverage after I'm done with this.  :) 
One of the UFO's I have is a Southwest Sampler BOM quilt that I've been working on off and on for a few years.  So I found all the pieces to it but one.  I have one quilt block running around somewhere and I can't find it.  but anyway, here's what I was working on:

 This is a picture of the entire quilt.  I love it, loved it the moment I saw it!  I am not sure what I will do if I can't find my missing block, or if I can't buy another of the kits for the missing block.  I guess I will make it a 9 block quilt and make a table runner out of the 2 extra.  I've already called the place where I got it  Kokopelli Quilting Company in New Mexico and they will have to get back with me on Monday.  Of course if I pay for and make a new one, I will find the old one the next day!  And in that train of thought, I have been looking for the silly thing... I have the pattern, the problem is that all the blocks use the same background and it is a white with confetti kind of fabric.   I'll have to check Ebay.
 I'm posting a few of the blocks I've made, not perfect, but considering, not bad at all. 

This is the block I was working on today.  I have to say that making the Celebration quilt was a really good thing for me, I want to square up at all points now when making a block, and this is something I've never done before, so the blocks that I make now will probably be more true to size than the first ones I made. 

These were blocks I got from another store, can't remember which one at the moment, BOM's.  I LOVE BOM's.  :)  

See all those plastic bags stacked up in front of my machine and completely hiding it?  Well, each one of those bags contains a quilt kit!  Yes indeed, there are at least 10 quilt kits there, all brand new and never started.  I can't believe that I bought all of these, got them, put them away, and promptly forgot all about them.  (of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most)
Then I found 4 more quilt kits in my front bedroom.  I need to get cracking on these, I have my work cut out for me!  Good Gravy, what on earth was I thinking?  I'm sure the main word was SALE along an ohhhhhhh I love quilt kits!
Seriously, I do love quilt kits, I tend to overbuy fabric when I use a pattern and shop for fabric.  And since I live in the middle of the desert, I frequently order my fabric online and sometimes you can only get a yard or 1/2 a yard and some a quarter yard, or the ever popular fat quarters. So kits usually save me a ton of money, and I guess that's why I bought them!  :)  If I finished one quilt a week, I think I have enough kits and UFO's for the next 25 weeks, and enough fabric for the next 2 years!
I need to go to the Dollar Store (and isn't that name a big fat lie?) and pick up some more plastic containers in which to keep my fabrics and kits and quilting stuff.  Then I need to tear it all apart and fold it better and separate it by color and possibly motif.  Yup, need to pick up one or two for my machine embroidery stuff too, I've got more embroidering thread than any one person should have, and I need it to be in a container.

I haven't had dinner yet, so I'm going to finish up here and fix my dinner since all I've had to eat today is two cups of coffee and some strawberries and I just realized that I am really hungry!  Have a good Sunday tomorrow, and God Bless.  Anne

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