Thursday, June 16, 2011

A quilting day!

Quilting days are always good!  One of my favorite rotary cutters by Fiskar, has a blade protector on it and it keeps rotating down and getting in my way.  So I called them.  They were very kind and are sending me a piece for my cutter since that little protector thingie isn't supposed to move.  I'm a leftie and I have to change their cutters around to suit me so I can cut without screwing it all up, and I didn't move the protector over to the right side of the cutter when I moved the blade so that's probably what made it start acting up.  Anyhow, I'm very happy that they are going to help me with my cutter.  (it's my hot pink fiskar 45mm rotary cutter)  I think I've got one of most all rotary cutters out there, including one that is only for lefties.  Some have bigger blades and some have smaller blades, but I love my hot pink fiskar.

I was over at In Color Order and I fell in love with the Warm and Cool quilt.  Seems so neat looking and appears to be relatively easy to make.  So that's what I've been doing for a couple of days.
I'm going to put on a 1.5" white border and then add about a 2.5" colorful border, just using all different colors and then bind in white.  I LOVE bright colors.  :)
I love it, and it WAS easy peasy to make and quick too.

I think I could spend the rest of my life in front of my sewing machine and be happy as a bug in a rug.  It's such a peaceful thing to do and I feel so good when something is done and it looks good to me. 

Well, since my house insists on being cleaned occasionally and laundry does indeed pile up, I guess I'd better get busy.  Have a great day, God Bless, Anne

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