Monday, May 23, 2011

Pictures of blocks....

I have pictures of the first block I did, front and back, and pictures of one of the 12 second blocks.  Yes, 12 of the same block!  And yes, tomorrow there will be 12 of block 3 to make!   It's actually going pretty well, and I am enjoying putting these together.

Here's pictures of block 1: Front and back.

And here are pictures of block 2, only one of the 12 I made!!  :)

Back and front of block 2.

I've been busy all day and I'm not done yet, though I am done with sewing for today.  :)

I watched "The Proposal" while I was sewing dog collar stuff.  I just love that movie!  Betty White plays such a great part in it.

The vet's office called today and Magick's ashes are ready.  Dr. Mary will be bringing them to Pearce on Thursday morning.  It will be good to have him home with us.   I miss him something fierce.  :(

Have a great week folks!  :)

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