Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Block 3 is done, all 12 of them!!

I got these done today.  Pretty easy, kind of like half of a log cabin made with 3" stripes. 

This is the front of the square.  The colors seem to blend pretty well, though I have used the wrong blues in the wrong places, but hey, no one will ever know when it's finished!  So, I have 25 blocks finished now.  I started working on block 4, it's a bit harder than 3 was, and I've already had to take some pieces apart!  There's only 4 of block 4 to make! I believe I have 49 blocks total, so I'm not nearly done yet.


And here's the back of it. 

Wonder why I post the back.  Well, I learned to quilt from a wonderful Mennonite woman.  And she instilled in me that the back of the quilt should look almost as good as the front of the quilt.  Strings MUST be clipped and ironing is essential to how the blocks lay and how the quilt will feel once it's finished.  And I've never forgotten those things. 
I also remember at the first lesson, there was only 1 cutting mat and one rotary cutter and there were 3 of us working on our first quilt block...  I told one of the gals that I would hurry and finish so she could cut her first piece of fabric.  My quilting teacher put her hand over mine and said 'never rush or hurry, that's how mistakes are made and fingers get hurt with the rotary cover.  Take your time, there's enough time for everyone to get their blocks cut out."  I've never forgotten her advice and I often tell myself to slow down before I make mistakes!

As I was quilting today, I thought about my rotary cover as I picked it up and realized that I had not pushed that little button to close the blade.  I really do try to make sure I do this every time I put my rotary cutter down.  I've seen some cut fingers from folks who pick up their cutter and realize as the blood starts dripping that they didn't close it.  Surely I can't be the only one who does this on occasion? 

I was also thinking about scissors today.  I have several wonderful pair of Gingher left handed shears, the big ones that cost a small fortune!  I only use those on material in one part of the house, only on webbing in another part of the house, and a dab of nail polish on them insure that I don't mix them up!  I have about 5 pair of small scissors, Fiskars with an orange handle (neither left or right handed) that I bought at Walmart for about 8 dollars a pair.  The tips of them dull up so quickly and I get so frustrated with them when they don't cut those threads at the tips.  Maybe I'll find some someday that have forever sharp tips!

Have a good one folks and I'll post block 4 when it's done!

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