Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4, 5 and 6 blocks, all 16 of them!

Block 4 was a pain in the rear side!  I think it took me longer to do this block than it did to do the 16 of the #3 block.  YIKES!  But here it is in all it's glory!  Isn't it pretty?  You know, I'm committed to this quilt, and if I find that I made a mistake in the blocks, well, they are what they are!  But it's been a lot of fun.  As you can tell, I haven't squared this one up yet, or proofed it yet as this pattern says!

I actually finished this block last night, was too tired and lazy to post it!

I love the fuchsia in it! and the orange too!  The one I like the least is the brown color, but then I've never liked brown all that well.
I'm not posting the back of this block, I took a picture of it, but won't post it!

And  today I made eight of Block 5 and four of  block 6.  These were really easy, but of course, I made an error and had to fix it, and I don't think anyone will ever be the wiser!  Again, not posting the back, but did take a picture of them! 

Block 5 front

This is block 5.  I took the picture en pointe, so I had to turn it around to loop it in PSP and resize it and crop it!   It's one big center block and then 4 triangles sewn on to make it the right size. 

Block 6 Front

This one made same as block 5.  Again, easy and fun!

So tomorrow I have to do some other sewing, so I might not get back to this until Friday.  I know that as soon as I finish block 8, I'm going to want to lay it out and start sewing it together.

I also watched Burlesque again today, I really like that movie!  The dogs have been good, but Sugar is starting to be her normal self again, and she's talking to me alllllll day long some days.  Drives me totally nuts! Don't get me wrong, Sug is soooo full of personality and such a love, and I love her dearly, but sometimes I wish she's shush!  Greyhounds roo, and Sug is a master of rooing!  Makes me grin to think of her rooing.  She is currently in her crate (her crate is my laundry room with a gate up, a very VERY large and comfy "crate."
Sometimes she just wants to be in there.

Alrights, time for me to head towards some shut eye, though I must admit I read before shutting my eyes.  I'm currently reading a book by Ken Follett, not sure yet if it's a good one, but his usually are.

Good night and sleep well and dream happy dreams.  :)

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