Thursday, May 26, 2011

I made the last of the blocks!

Ok, I have finished all the blocks for this quilt.  Blocks 7 and 8 weren't very hard at all and are done!  I haven't squared them up yet, but will get that done asap!
Block 7 front
Block 8 front
Basically they are almost exactly alike and use the same blocks.  I am glad that they are done.  
I'm not sure when I'll put it together, just getting each of the 49 blocks in the right spot will be a super challenge for me!
It is warm today, about 97 out about 3 pm.  I haven't turned the air on in the house yet, it's actually very comfortable right now.  Of course, I wouldn't want to be doing heavy duty housework right now, but hey, I did the dishes at the height of the warm afternoon and survived!  Lots of iced tea being consumed.  :)

Post title edited cause I can't speel no mo!!!

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