Sunday, May 22, 2011

My my goodness!

It's been way over 2 years since I posted in this blog. I forgot all about it. I guess life got in the way just a bit!
Let me update... Phantom died in January 2009, Cali left me in January 2010, Lynch left in September of 2010 and my poodle Magick left me last week, May 2011. I have 2 greyhounds, the girls who are both neurotic and just a little nuts, lovable and I do love them, but crazy. :)

I just finished a quilt for a friend to use to raise money for the greyhounds.... Not a fabulous pic of it, but it's really neat. The center of each block is an embroidered greyhound. The quilting was done on a long arm and is a heart motif. I really like it, and it was shipped off to my friend on Friday, I'm anxious to see what she thinks of it once she gets her hands on it! It's approx. 55:x55" in size.

I'm working on a new quilt, it's called Celebration. Here's what it will look like when it's done, let me put up a link to the store where I bought the kit...
If that doesn't come up as a link, cut and paste it into your browser. I got the first block done today. I hope to do one or two blocks every day.

I swear, I'm going to try to remember to post here soon! I won't wait another 2 years. :)

Happy Sunday!

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