Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long hump day!

I think this day has gone on forever! I got most of my bargello strips sewn into stratas for my bargello blues quilt. One more strata to go and then I'll press them all and start cutting the stratas. This is the part of doing bargellos that I least like and I've put this one off far too long! Thankfully we have an extra week here so I won't have to worry about lesson 3 for another week.

I have been playing with EQ6. I love this program! I have probably put together 50 quilts and probably of those 50, I want to actually put together about 10 of them.
Here's one I did

Isn't it pretty? Too many colors and something that's been done a million times, but it was a blast to put together!

Phantom is doing better and better, actually he's back to normal pretty much!

Lulu was not feeling great this AM, no diarrhea, but she didn't eat breakfast until I gave her some pepsid and her prilosec. OY!!

I feel better today, yesterday my tummy was giving me heck along with some gastric reflux and my esophageal spasms were going out of control. I did not feel good yesterday at all. Today I feel better, but am back on my prilosec and my Xantac. If it's not the dogs, it's me! :)

Ok, it's almost time to let the dogs out and give them their last treat of the day and then tuck them all into bed! Then I am going to go to bed too.
I just remembered that today was probably the last day of the WOOT off, dang it, I wanted to keep a better eye on it, and I didn't. *sigh* Yup, it's over, the WOOT for the day is sold out, thank goodness! It was a TP dispenser with an FM radio in it... grief. That's a man thing I think, women don't spend enough time on the throne to need a special radio. hehehehehe

Good night!

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