Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilting and embroidering

Ok, I have yet to understand how pictures are uploaded here and how they end up where they do!
Anyhow, these are three wall hangings that are donw with embroidery as well as quilting. I made the centers on my Bernina and I made sure that I made at least 6 that would go together well.

The Mexican Dancers to the left are really cool, I loved doing the meanering quilting around the embroidery!

I have one more that I don't have a picture of. Anyhow, my favorite one is the one right above here, with all the Arizona critters on it!

I really like the one with cactus on it, and the one with the dancers is a lot of fun too. But the one with all things Arizona on is my favorite! We have lots of coyotes, roadrunners and Javalinas all over the place here. I found a tarantula in the back yard just last week! And the jack rabbits are everywhere along with the cotton tails! The cranes are here from November through about April, and noisy, my goodness they are noisy critters! But there's something really cool about having 500 or more of them eating in the pasture next to me. When they leave it seems so quiet in the mornings!

Phantom continues to do well. I seem to have some kind of "icky" tummy stuff going on for the last couple of days, everything I eat seems to upset my tummy. So I had two eggs for breakfast and haven't yet eaten lunch even though it's almost 3pm, nothing sounds good. :( I'm having chicken and rice for dinner, same thing I give to the dogs when they don't feel well. :)

I have two dogs who have had bout after bout of diarrhea and bloody diarrhea (great thing to talk about just after I talk about food hum? *grin* My vet thought that they might be dealing with coccidia, so I put them both on a large dose of flagyl 2x a day. It will continue for 10 days. It would be great if this takes care of it. I am soooo beyond tired of worrying about poop!!!

When I'm not quilting, I'm making collars for dogs. I have a small
online business. These pics are of just two of my hundreds of trims.

This flowered one looks good on almost any female!

You can see my website at http://www.majesticcollars.com Tell me you saw it here and if you order, I'll toss in a tag clip for your puppers!

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