Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bargello blues and life!

Ok, there's one of my full stratas for the blues wallhanging. I had the one left to do.

Someone in the class suggested using clothes pins to keep stuff straight, all the cut strips of fabrics etc. I LOVE that idea and it works wonderfully! I actually wrote on the clothes pins what that particular clothes pin was holding! I figure that once I use them a couple of times, I can either glue paper on them and use them again or I can use them for their acutual intended use and buy new ones to use for quilting! Anyhow, it's a LOT easier than pinning paper to the strips.

I went to a garage sale today and found a couple of tickle me Elmos cheap and bought them. How funny are these guys? I am going to torment my dogs with them tomorrow and then ship them off to the grandkids!

We are in the middle of a lightening and thunder storm with very little rain. One of my dogs is hiding in my bedroom closet, and another one is pacing the house! I have given benedryl to the one pacing. I think it's so sad that some dogs get so distraught over thunder. And then other dogs I have will go right on out into the yard to potty in the middle of a storm. Go figure!

Ok, need to get my self situated in front of the TV cause there is a 2 hour Survivor starting tonight! I love survivor, but sure do hope this one is better than the last one. :)

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