Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Sunday....

It's been a very busy last few days. I made another bunch of spaghetti sauce yesterday. And then I made about a ton of fresh salsa! And talk about yummy! Salsa is great on a baked potato. :) I swear, it's so good and fresh that I could just eat it by the spoonful. I put cucumbers in it with tomatoes, fresh green peppers, fresh red onions, fresh jalapeno peppers and lots of fresh spices and such! Yummy yummy for the tummy!

Mr., or maybe Mrs., bug is back! I saved his life a few minutes ago, he was in my back yard and my dog Sugar was totally interested in attacking him and probably eating him! I figured that he's so big that he's probably bite Sugar or at least make her sick if she ingested him! So I guided him out of the yard and hopefully he'll live. :)

Phantom wasn't feeling great yesterday, was peeing a lot. But seems totally normal today. I hate it when dogs get old, it just makes me so sad to see them having troubles.

Ok, I'm off to sew some collars and get them ready to ship out in the morning! I love making collars, hope folks know how much love I do put into them.

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