Saturday, June 15, 2013

What a great day...

Maybe I need to get out of bed at 5am more often, I sure have accomplished a lot already today!

My friend GLEN, take note, this is ALL YOUR FAULT!  Truly, your fault.  My right hand is going numb on me because I thought I'd join in "something" Glen is doing and it involves quilting those UFO's that we all have awaiting us.  I have many, but I also have some wall hanging sized ones that are already sandwiched and pinned and waiting to be quilted, so what the heck, I thought I might do one or two of those and get them out of the way!

Ok, he's some pictures of what I'm doing right now!

This is a quilt I must of put together about 5 years ago!  It's a bargello but it's not the color runs that one usually does with bargello, it's color runs, but there are several and not just one run... Yeah, I know, weird explanation!  (sorry, the best I can do)  I had some bandana fabric and wanted to use that, so I have pink, blue and purple runs of graduating colors in each. 

I'm going up and down each fabric and then crossing when it goes from going up to going down and so forth.

It would have been a lot easier to just put swooping quilting but I started it, so I'll finish it the way I started!

It's another high humidity day with lots of haze in the sky.  I WANT RAIN!  

Have you noticed yet the foot I'm using?  I just never gave it a thought and off I went and yes, I'm using the quarter foot here and nope, not going to stop and put in knots so I can change the foot.  I'll change the foot when I HAVE to stop and put in knots and bury threads!

Got a lot more to go, but my right hand is going to sleep and so I needed a break.  Thought I'd fix me a salad for lunch and relax with something cold to drink.  :)  

Are you having a sewing kind of day?  I love these kinds of days and I'm going to sleep well tonight!!

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