Friday, June 7, 2013

The weekend has arrived!

And I'm praying for the electricity to NOT go out this weekend.  :)

I was outside with Rudy this afternoon.  He's a smart boy.  I had some water with me.  Now, Rudy had a huge drink of water in the house before we came out.  But he wanted my water.  So I held the bottle down to him and tilted it a little bit and the little stinker drank it right out of the water bottle.  No bowl needed for him!  I was quite impressed.

I've been telling him all day how cute he looks!  And look at that long tail of his, it's lethal when he's excited.  :)

He's on antibiotics, he's got an ear infection.  Hope it will be less tender tomorrow so I can clean it out.  He's just no into pain, so I'm leaving it along for the moment!

I posted a picture of a Stapilia that I have, it's a succulent plant and I love it, but there were about 9 buds on it, and now they are starting to open.  :) 

The first one to open this week.  I love the stars in the center of them.  And the little fuzzy sstuff on the petals.  

Two of them have opened and there's one right below the one on the right that's going to burst open shortly too.  This plant is actually in the pot to the left of the orange pot.  The orange pot behind the flowers has my spider plant in it.  the pot to the right of the flowers has more Stapelia in it but they just took root this spring and probably won't bloom until next year. 

The Stapelia on the left also has this clover looking plant growing in it.  I've never had this plant in my house before, and when I got this plant about 5 years ago, there was nothing like this in the pot.  Go figure.  But it lets me know when the soil is dry because it wilts.  So far it's been a good indicator!

I love to watch movies while I sew collars and such.  I finally broke down and ordered the entire 11 season series of M*A*S*H.  I loved M*A*S*H and have really missed seeing it on occasion since I no longer watch TV.
The series is great, but the way it's packaged really is horrible.  The slots for the DVDs are torn and some of the DVDs are out of the plastic that supposed to protect them, and some of them looked like they were teeth on by a puppy!

Where I ordered them from on Ebay is replacing the discs that are bad and ruined and she gave me a partial refund which was greatly appreciated.

I have really enjoyed watching some of them and am really glad I purchased them!

Ok, that's pretty much it for today!  Nothing done quilting or creatively. 
Have a great weekend folks, and God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

He is cute, you know, really cute!

That flower is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. Such a deep color too. When my parents lived in El Paso, Tx there were a lot of cacti that had beautiful flowers after a rain. I loved to see the desert in color.