Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February! BUSY day and I actually spent time quilting.

YES, I sat down and cut out some strips, and put them together into small blocks and will do some more tomorrow and then put a quilt top together!
My first quilt top of 2013, took a while, but it felt so good to turn on the Bernina and just start cutting.

I love blocks that I can chain when I'm making them.  They seem to go so fast
and I sew a mile a minute when I'm making them!
 I love my Creative Grids, just LOVE them.  I broke my faovite one last year and
I've not yet replaced it, but one of these days I will!
 I love my Fiskers rotary cutter too.  I have 3 or 4 different
ones, but this one is alwaysthe one I grab. 
I've got the blade in for me, a lefty, so if you are right handed, it
probably looks awkward to you!
 I got a bunch of patriotic fabrics from the Mennonites last year, so this quilt
top will go to them to do with what they want.  I put my patriotic fabrics with
theirs and will add some white to it and hopefully come out with a quilt!
 This is my iron, it's cordless.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I will never have a corder
iron again.... well, I probably shouldn't say that, but I will do my best to always
have a cordless, it's sooooo much easier for me to use.  Something about being left
handed makes irons a real pain for me.
 I ended up with 57 blocks.  They are small though, 4"x3.5"
 See, everything I do, the ruler is backwards for me!
See, backwards numbers!  I've gotten used to it, no matter what
I use, it's either backwards or it's upside down or something!

So, tomorrow I think I'll make more blocks, and then look at early next week of putting them together. Might get them together before the next Mennonite quilting day and maybe I'll even get to quilt with them this month.  I've not had good luck the past few months of getting there! 

I also sat down in my front room and made up 2 collar orders and got those done and got the postage printed and they'll go out tomorrow!  Yipppeee.  I feel like I've been really productive today!

Have a great weekend everyone, and God Bless!   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Feels go to finally sit down and sew, huh? Great job!