Friday, December 21, 2012

Yesterday was quite the day.

Started off the day with Rudy having the Urka Gurka's, you know that sound a dog makes as he's getting ready to throw up?  And he spit up some bile.  No big deal, right?  WRONG! 
He didn't eat breakfast or drink water, but went outside and had a large nice doodle.  (poop!!) He played fetch the stuffie with me while I cleaned up the back yard up and such.  Came in and went to sleep.

Well, by about 3pm, he still wouldn't eat.  Had had 2 watery stools.  Hum... no accidents in the house.
Called some vets in the neighboring town of Benson and was unable to get him in to see a vet.  Finally called Coronado vet clinic in Sierra Vista and got him an appoint, so we shoot off for Sierra Vista. 
Made it in 1 hour and about 11 minutes.  (did 85 on the highway!)

Rudy sat in the passenger seat all the way, periodically looking out the window and had one small loose poo.
When we arrived at the vet's office, he walked in like he owned the place (that's my Rudy!!!) The vet gave him a good going over and he was thrilled with the attention and his tail wagged and wagged and wagged. 
She thought maybe it was some kind of stomach virus etc.  BUT just to be safe, we did a snap test for Parvo.

NOW, I want to make this crystal clear.  Rudy has had 3 vaccinations for Parvo (among other things) and is 100% up to date on his vaccinations.   BUT he had a strong positive reaction for Parvo on the snap test.  My precious Rudy has Parvo.  YIKES. 

Rudy spent the night at the vet on IV's and got some drugs.  As of this morning about 8am, he had had NO vomiting or diarrhea at the vet's office, ever at all.  But it was good that he'd gone more than 12 hours without either.  They mentioned that he was less than thrilled with the E collar, well, that probably wouldn't thrill me either!  :)

So they gave him some food this morning and if he keeps it down and shows that he has an appetite, he'll be coming home this evening or tomorrow morning.  At this point, it looks good for Rudy.  I'm continuing to pray for him cause I love him dearly.  He's my sweet baby boy.

And yes, I took pics at the vet's office!

 See that blurr at his tail, that's blurred because it's going a mile a minute!  He was enjoying his vet experience.  (until they stuck that swab up him hind end, he didn't much care for that at all!!!!)
And here he's walking around the room getting a good sniff in and checking out the lay of the new land!

But his eyes didn't have that normal shine and life to them.  His fur seemed dull and dirty.  So yeah, he wasn't feeling his best, but he certainly wasn't laying around like the average parvo pup who is basically a puddle.  :) 
Oh, and he weighed in at 17 pounds.  I thought he was about 20, but he's probably down a pound or two since he's pooped everything out and hadn't eaten. 

So please,keep my boy in your prayers, that he eats and keeps it down and gets all better for Christmas.  :) 

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QuiltSwissy said...

I am sure they will tell you this, but the only thing that kills the parvovirus is bleach. Wash his toys in a tub of warm soapy water with bleach, we soak ours once a month at the shelter.

And clean your shoes with a spray of 50/50 bleach water after you walk in the yard to keep from bringing it inside and affecting the girls.

Wash hands after picking up poop. Again bleach water.

It is actually not uncommon for older dogs to get parvo, and they generally get well. The big scare is the very young puppies. I know Rudy will be bome as soon as you can say Jack Robinson!

My thoughts are with the little guy!!!

glen and the bad bassets!