Monday, September 17, 2012

Ok, I don't even have any new pictures of Rudy I don't think, but will double check!  Yup, see below, found a couple from his first walk!
He's doing so well and is so good.  He's learning how to walk nicely on a leash.  I made him a darling little collar and he doesn't seem to be much bothered by it at all, scratches his neck occasionally... heck, I've had dogs that try to rub a collar off, cry about it and try to chew it... nothing like that from Rudy.  :) 
I took him to church on Sunday, really after mass.  We have a coffee, conversation and donuts once a month, and I thought it would be a good way to socialize Rudy some!  He did so well and was so good.  And he got to see Sugar, his mother (not my Sugar) and they sniffed and wagged tails and that was about it!  Father Manolo was tickled to see how well he's doing and how big he's gotten! 
He sure was tired when we got home.  He rode in the truck like an angel, right next to me on the plastic thing that's between the seats (console?) with his head on my leg.  Never offered to get up or get upset or anything.  Such a sweetie!

Today he want to the bank with me.  You see, in in a tiny burg like this one, he can pretty much go anywhere, except restaurants.  :)   So he's getting out and about.  And he was good as gold in the car today too.  I sure do love this boy!

I got myself an early birthday present this last week, I bought myself a Kindle.  I love this thing!  I've already read 2 books on it and have a game on it. Love it, love it, love it!  It's the new 7" Kindle.  Love it!  I'm feeling like a really modern gal, first the smart phone, now the Kindle tablet/reader... I'm getting caught up folks!

I was selected for Jury Duty AGAIN. This is my 12th notice in about 6 years.  The third one this year alone.  Most of them have been for county jury, but several were for Federal jury.  ARGH!  But good news, I called the special number, and the trial I was scheduled for has been settled out of court. 
You know, I really wouldn't mind jury duty at all, if it were anywhere near home!  Bisbee is about an hour and a  half drive and about 75 miles.  And it's back roads for the most part.  If it were closer, I would volunteer to be a jury person yearly, or even twice a year.  But heck, I'd have to get a sitter for Rudy, and pay them, and since I'd have to be there at the Un-Godly hour of 8am, I'd have to leave here about 6 am, which would mean getting up at 4am.  And seeing as I probably wouldn't get to sleep before 11pm,  I'd not get much sleep.  And would it even be safe for me to be on the road.  ARGH!!!  So I am very thankful that I don't have to report at 8am in the morning.  :) God is good.

He wasn't quite sure he wanted to learn to walk on  a leash, but he sure did want to play tug of war with his leash!

His biggest issue is that he wants to walk right smack dab next to my feet, and that's going to trip me, so he's got to learn to go ahead or go to the side.  Would prefer the side!  After all, he'll have to learn to heel someday soon!

On our walk back in the yard and he wanted to play catch the weeds!  He managed to tangle the leash up in my wrought iron bench in record time!!

But he does better each time we go out.  He gets several walks a day now and I think he's enjoying them! 

He weighs about 8 pounds now.  He'll be 8 weeks old tomorrow!

Sewing done, but not quilting.  Hope to get back to that soon!

Have a great week, and God Bless.  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

So cute, he is. He is going to be a great boy. I am so glad you got him.

glen: take some tiny treats when you walk him and every once in a while, when he is in the place you want him to be, zap him one and praise him mightily!