Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today I worked on harnesses, and more harnesses.  I spent the live long day sewing! 
Watching the dark clouds come in, and move out and come in again.  We got a little spitting of rain this evening, but not enough to really even get the dogs wet during turnout.  :(
It was hot and sticky.  Blech. 

Sugar is doing very well with thunder when I'm home with her.  I truly believe she's got a significant hearing loss.   Not much to do about that one. 

ChiChi hollered all day!  ChiChi good bird, yes, you are a good bird Chichi!  He's such a silly little birdie. 

And that's about all that was done today.  It was quiet and that's always nice.  Well, mostly quiet anyhow.
No pictures, no nothing!

Have a great week, God Bless,   Anne

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