Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goodness, I've been busy...

with pretty much everything but quilting.... Though quilting has been on my mind.

Tuesday I had to sew collars and harnesses.  And when that was done, hung around with a neighbor for a bit, watched her dog get a bath and so forth.   Good day!
Wednesday I went with another friend and visited a children's rance, and the local monastery and  went to Wallmart.
Thursday I was in Tucson for the day with another friend.
And Friday was a day of discombobulation..  AND a fund visit to a friends ranch/farm and animals!
I have, of course, pictures of much of it!

Miss Molly after her bath!  I love this dog, actually, every scottie I have ever met I have loved, they are so smart and have really interesting personalities!

 Molly takes her own sweet time when we walk!

And this is what most dogs do best, snooze!  That's her little sister Bear sniffing at her clean sister!

The back of the Cochise Stronghold.  

All the Kinds Horses Children's Ranch.
A really neat place that helps children who have problems and need a safe place to stay for a while.

Check out their web site the lady who started this wrote a book and it's very good and very interesting.

Another view at the ranch.  We stopped by to drop off some paper goods, evidently they go through a lot of stuff like that!

From the ranch, we went to the Holy Trinity Monastery.  A wonderful place that is so peaceful and beautiful.  We stopped in the book shop and my friend bought a couple of books.  Then we went over to the chapel for a short prayer.  There was a funeral about to start, so we didn't stay long, I didn't want to be pest to those who were in mourning.

This cross is 70' high.  It's a Benedictine cross as this monastery is a Benedictine Monastery.   It's quite impressive.  :)

This is on the way into the chapel.  So beautiful.

And our stop at Wallmart.  This young gentleman works in the area where they make food and since he's got a little hair on his chin, he has to keep it under cover too!  It made me giggle and so I took his picture with his blessing!

On Thursday, we had a nice trip into Tucson.  (and why is it when you add a picture, you can't write on the side of it like the others?)  We went to Joan's where I got these 3 fat quarters.  We went to a clothes shop, Kathy's???  We stopped at a few other places as well.  Anyhow, I got these fat quarters and some zippers and some magnetic purse closures... I'm going to make purses!  We stopped at Red Lobster for lunch.  OMG, I have never had coconut shrimp before, and that sauce that you dip them into... to die for!  We had a wonderful lunch.  The on the way home we stopped at Walmart and I managed to spend exactly 0$.  First time I've ever done that I think!!!

Then yesterday was a busy day, cleaning and chucking some stuff out of my house! 
And in the afternoon we went to see my Mennonite friends.  They have new baby piggies (just weaned) and a goat and oh so much fun stuff!

This is the goat!  Isn't she adorable?  She's going to be kept for her milk, so when she's old enough she'll be bred!

I recognize that leash!  I made that for their dog Chief!  I'm amazed that the goat hasn't eaten it!  she has a really bad habit of jumping out of her pen, so they are working on keeping her penned and for the moment she's going to be tethered!

My friend Cynthia made us fresh molasses cookies and it was so yummy!  We sat in their beautiful home while it rained, and they have a metal roof and it sounded so nice!

I'm not even sure what I did last night!  I was beat!

Oh, have you heard about and played with the Sherwin Williams Chip it program?  This is addictive and fun!

You can put a picture in and get the main colors out as paint chips.  But what went through my mind is WHAT A GREAT WAY TO PICK OUT COLORS FOR QUILTING!
Check it out, and don't spend too much time 'Chipping' your pictures!

Have a great day!  God Bless, Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

What a busy couple of days....or was all of this in just one long long day? I would have enjoyed all of those activities too!
The pigs and goat are so cool!

And that picture is just perfect for quilt colors. Just perfect! I, too, am addicted to the Chip It! Fun!